1. How to Get an Accurate Dipstick Reading 2.0 JL

    Like many 2.0T owners, my Jeep's dipstick is hard to read. Despite my best efforts, oil is often smeared all over the dipstick, sometimes even an inch over the full line. However, today I found a way to remove the dipstick that appears to give an accurate reading every time. Here are the...
  2. Outside of North America Want to buy oil sump pan for 2.2 multijet diesel 2019

    my axles was hit very hard which caused the diff housing to hit the oil sump and put a hole in it. any suggestions on where to get a oil sump pan? or if anyone has a sump i will buy. based in the UK
  3. Illinois Sold: UPR Oil Catch Can for 3.6 JL 80$

    Used for 10,000 miles on my wife’s MOAB. Her lease is up so I will be selling. Located in the Chicago suburbs (Naperville) if pickup . Will ship if paid before shipping. Thanks! Photos attached! 80$ plus UPS shipping.
  4. Oil filter tip broke off

    So I'm changing the oil and the oil filter tip broke off and there might be a plastic piece inside. Should I be worried about it ? I was pulling out the filter and the tip just snapped off its sitting in there still. There are four prongs on the tip and one is missing.
  5. Oil Leak??

    Notice I have an oil leak that appears to be at one of the upper seals. Anyone know of anything like this happening to anyone else? Going to be contacting the dealer on Monday which is always a joy...
  6. Quick oil pressure question

    My normal idle oil pressure after the engine (3.6L) has warmed up is 26 psi. This seems lower than the reported 30 psi values for the same engine. Is this a cause for concern?
  7. Urgent - Check your oil levels. Did the Jeep dealer put in 6 or 5 quarts of oil in your JL?

    Urgent - Check your oil levels. Did the Jeep dealer put in 6 or 5 quarts in your JL? Even after a couple of years, some Jeep dealerships are still putting in 6 quarts instead of 5 quarts of oil into JLs. They overfilled mine twice even though I reminded them and put a note on the dash to put in...
  8. TSB 21-021-19 REV. A - Transfer Case Oil Leak / May 15, 2019

    TSB 21-021-19 REV. A - Transfer Case Oil Leak / May 15, 2019 SYMPTOM/CONDITION: Customers may notice a fluid leaking on the ground from the middle of vehicle.
  9. Mopar 82215711 Wheel Locks & Oil Change

    What are people's opinion on the following situation. I own and have installed this: https://www.quadratec.com/p/mopar/wheel-locks-wrangler-jl i.e. I've got one on every tire, including the spare, and will be the first to admit that at best, all they do is slow down thieves set on taking a...
  10. Putting oil in the filter hole

    I have a friend that has a Jeep JL Sport. This friend on the weekend changed the oil the the jeep but when he was putting oil into the engine he pour 2 quarts into the filter hole. He was distracted for a moment and didn't realize he was putting it in the wrong hole. He put the rest on the right...
  11. 2.0 Dipstick and oil level reading

    The dipstick on 2.0 is different than that of 3.6. Did my first oil change on the 2.0 last weekend and was having a real hard time getting a correct oil reading level from the dipstick, anyone else having the same issue? Since I live in Canada they use metric over here and 5 quarts equates to...
  12. Differential Oil Additive - Rear D44 LSD

    Hey All, Just looking for a second opinion on this one. I was recently offroad and had my axles in some water, possibly as high as the breather on the rear. To be sure, I purchased some diff oil and additive for the LSD rear. The Mopar LSD additive instructions calls for 2-5% by gear oil...