1. Idle vibes?

    is it normal if the 3.6 to have a bit of vibration at idle? My Jeep is a 2018 with 30k and I’ve noticed it’s got a bit of a vibration at idle. I’ve already had the vibration/ ac fan flash done already. Wondering if I should worry or just chalk it up to a Jeep thing.
  2. Spark knock?

    Hey all, I’ve got 30k on my 3.6 rubi, and I’ve noticed sometimes between 2nd and 3rd gear around 2k to 3k rpm, I’m getting what some are referring to as “spark knock”. No loss in power, just sound a little like a diesel for a couple turns. I’m running shell 91 and it seems to help and but. Has...
  3. Illinois Sold: UPR Oil Catch Can for 3.6 JL 80$

    Used for 10,000 miles on my wife’s MOAB. Her lease is up so I will be selling. Located in the Chicago suburbs (Naperville) if pickup . Will ship if paid before shipping. Thanks! Photos attached! 80$ plus UPS shipping.
  4. Stock 2021 JLUR Averaging 14MPG

    Not that I care that it’s too low, I’ve just seen many on this forum state higher numbers and I’d be interested if my jeep is consistently drinking more gas than other stock rubicons. I’m 50/50 highway and street & I rarely drive in heavy traffic. Most I ever get is 19, even as ‘current mpg’...
  5. Questions about Mopar lift kit for my 2 door Rubicon

    I’m looking at getting the mopar lift for my 2 door rubicon. In the past I’ve always gotten complete lift kits for my jeeps (all control arms,brake lines,driveshafts etc) but this is my first time buying a brand new vehicle and would like to keep the warranty intact(especially with the little...
  6. 2020 3.6 w/ out etorque or 2021 w/ etorque

    Hey everyone, new to the forum as I’m interested in trading in my JK for a JL .i was hoping you all can give me some advice. After doing some research I saw that in the 2021’s if you want the 3.6 w/ an auto etorque is mandatory. I have no experience with etorque but to me it just looks like...
  7. 3.6L vs 2.0 turbo?? Pros and cons of both??

    Hi all, I am new to the JL fam. I currently am a loud and proud owner of a 2005 TJ with the 4 liter straight 6, but recently have been having issues with it (body rust as I live on the East Coast) and have ultimately decided to put it up for sale and purchase a newer Jeep. I will be outright...
  8. Illinois Sold: '19 JLU Sahara Hardtop / Granite / 12K miles / V6 / Manual / 2" lift

    I'm entertaining the idea of selling the Jeep as my automotive interests have shifted in another direction. I'm located in North Chicagoland 12,241 miles (will go up slightly) Granite Crystal Metallic Black cloth interior 3.6L V6 Manual 6-speed transmission 3 yr / 36K miles warranty 5 yr / 60K...
  9. Florida Sold: 3.6L Mishimoto Oil Catch Can

    Mishimoto Oil catch can for 2018+ Jeep JL. This is for the 3.6L engine, will not work with the 2.0L. It's brand new, all in original packaging - never opened. MODEL: MMBCC-JLP-18PBE $165 shipped $150 picked up Located in Melbourne, Florida Refer to the link for additional info...
  10. PLEASE ASSIST! Rough idle after picking up from dealer

    Hello all picked up the 3.6 manual rubi from the dealer after they performed oil change, dampener recall and w12 recall. As soon as I picked up the vehicle which they had running for me I noticed the idle was off. They told me to drive it because it was sitting for a month. Drove it and nothing...
  11. Time to go snorkeling!

    I’ve recently installed a rugged ridge AmFib snorkel kit on my JL, and I must say I love the thing! Looks great, install wasn’t too bad either. Huge fan of the fact I didn’t have to cut any body panels. Check out the install video!
  12. Georgia Sold: 2020 JLUR Stock suspension for sale

    2020 JLUR stock suspension for sale. Less than 100 miles driven with this on before swapping for Mopar lift. Local pickup preferred, but will consider driving to meet up if fairly close. Located in Alpharetta, GA. $150 obo
  13. Banks Power - Ram Air Intake

    Banks is working on an intake for the 3.6, which should be available this fall. From monitor to fleshed out part: Banks intakes go through a rigorous process before they're approved for production. Designed in CAD first, this step often sees several revisions before the part is tested in CFD...
  14. WIDO's garage

    WIDO's garage

  15. Coolant leak, steering wheel shake, tie rod loose, hvac issues, etc. New 2019 3.6 JLUR

    @JeepCares or anyone else, I just returned home with my 2019 JLUR and noticed it is leaking some purple fluid down the front of the engine. It is a constant leak, leaves puddles anytime it sits. Any idea what this could be? I bought from a dealer out of state, so really not looking forward to...
  16. gumbyhoss