1. Missouri Sport Axle rear

    Used take off JL sport rear axle for 2018+ wrangler. D35 with Factory 3.45 gears. 16K miles. $600 OBO, want it out of the garage ASAP. Located near St Louis, MO metro. I don’t have any crates and would prefer to avoid shipping. Also have drive shafts, stock suspension, and stock front bumper...
  2. Dynatrac Elite ProRock XD60/80 Axle Set Questions for the 392

    I have a '21 Rubicon 392 that I've had a for a few months now, and I want to upgrade the axles. I'm looking at the Elite ProRock XD60®/80 Axle-Set for Jeep JL But there is this notice on the product page: "NOTE: This package does not fit with Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 or 4xe models." Crap! I...
  3. Georgia Sold: Jeep JL Dana 35 rear axle m200

    Swapped axles, I have a factory Dana 35 with 3.45 gears out of my 21 sport. Has 12,000 miles on it. 200.00 obo
  4. Dana M210 front axle understanding

    I found the build sheet for my 2019 Sahara online (finally) and I saw that it has the dana m210 front and dana m220 rear axles. I bought this car from an auction and it seems like the previous owner really decked it out and from what I read online somewhere these are the same axles as dana 44...
  5. Outside of North America WTB sahara stock front axle JLU 2019

    my axle is bent and cracked and i doubt theres hope of repairing it. anyone got a takeoff one? i live in the uk and willing to pay shipping. thanks!
  6. Outside of North America Want to buy oil sump pan for 2.2 multijet diesel 2019

    my axles was hit very hard which caused the diff housing to hit the oil sump and put a hole in it. any suggestions on where to get a oil sump pan? or if anyone has a sump i will buy. based in the UK
  7. Is this a normal sound?

    Hey all, I was giving my Jeep a once over before my first off-roading trip and I discovered a noise when spinning he driver side wheel (see clip) is this normal operation or should I take her in?
  8. Texas Sold: WTB M186 front axle

    Hi everyone! Want to buy complete M186 front axle for my wrangler Sport S. Mine cracked in half.)) Will be Lucky to buy with drag link , track bar. But just the axle assembly will be OK. Important thing: shipping needed , for an extra fee of course , to Houston or New Jersey. Or to your...
  9. Texas Sold: WTB M186 axle front Jl sport

    Hi everyone! Still Looking for complete M186 front axle. Mine cracked in half.)) Willing to buy with drag link , track bar. Important thing: shipping needed , for an extra fee of course , to Houston or New Jersey. Or to your local freight company at least. If necessary ill pay for a...
  10. Intermittent service axle lock

    Hey all, I’ve been getting a super random intermittent “service axle locker light” that will go on at completely random times regardless of 4wd or 2wd. It hasn’t caused any issues so far, axles lock with no issues at all. Went to my dealer and the said to come in when it’s on. Anyone have a fix...
  11. Pennsylvania Sold: Axle identification. Strange.

    So I’m still stumped on which axles I have. Everything you read it says the 2018 JLU Sport has either the 30 or 35 Dana front. Well I’ve been looking at re gearing etc. well it stumps me that on all the Dana 30’s and 35’s I see nothing about “Rev-B” engraved on the face of the covers while mine...
  12. Colorado Sold: For sale - 2018 Rubicon - Stock Axles for sale - 4K - can ship

    I have front and rear stock Axles for sale. They have 30,000 miles on them. I have both on them in crates and can ship if needed. They are crated with both drive shafts, track bars, tie rod, drag links and brake lines (front and rear e-brake). One of the front brake disk shield is...
  13. California SOLD

    **AXLE IS OFFF THE JEEP** $1500 firm Just ordered a replacement axle, this one is coming out in 3-4 weeks so just posting in advance. Everything is in perfect working condition. This is a fully built axle, about as strong as you can make the stock M220. Great for 37’s, 38’s. 39’s and even 40’s...
  14. Metal machining debris in axle housing

    I changed the gear oil in the axles today in my '20 JLUR Recon with almost exactly 7K on the odometer. I wanted to change it now to get any break-in metal cleared out and then should be good for a while. The back one was a little dirty, but nothing special and went smoothly. The front, however...
  15. Stupid question.....? Could a JK D44 be swapped onto a JL?

    Just curious because I’ve seen several JL axle swaps onto a JK. Would be pretty neat and would open up some options if a JK axle could be swapped into a JL.
  16. New Mexico Dana 30/35 M186 M200 for sale

    I have a set of sport axles front and rear from my 2018 Sport. 3.45 gear. has less than 20000 miles on them. Axles while on Jeep only saw light off road, mostly dirt roads and pampered well. Very clean with no issues at all. Straight and solid axles. Brakes not includes, but you want to upgrade...
  17. Maryland WTB - Rubicon Take Off Axles

    Looking for both front and rear axles from a JLUR. Complete assembly would be preferred. (breaks, electronic sway bar, stock gears, etc.). Have truck and willing to travel pretty much anywhere east of the Mississippi. For the right price I could go further west.
  18. Crush sleeve eliminator for the Jl available?

    So im getting ready to setup 4.56 gears in my 2019 Jl sport, m186 front m220 rear. Im not the biggest fan of setting crush sleeves but for the life of me I can not find someone that sells elimniator kits for the new jl models. Anybody know of a supplier that I have not run across.
  19. California WTB Ultimate Dana 60 Rear Axle Complete

    Looking for an ultimate dana 60 rear axle complete with 5:38 gears and e locker.
  20. Axle seal leaking again, possible causes?

    So I had an axle seal leak (front passenger) back in April, and took the Jeep in to the dealership and they changed out a new seal. Only a month goes by and I found the same seal began leaking again. I know this is some crazy bad luck, but does anyone know if there are possible reasons behind...