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May 4, 2021
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Fort Worth, TX
2021 Hydro Blue Sahara Altitude
Build Thread
I'm actually glad to hear this because I've been thinking I will want to lift and change wheels soon after I get my Jeep. Seeing your pics they don't look all that bad. The advice I keep hearing is to drive it stock for awhile before making big changes so hopefully the stock tires won't bother me too much.

Thanks for sharing. Keep the updates coming!
Stock off the factory, my Sahara Altitude sits ~1 inch lower than my '07 GMC Sierra w/ a 3-inch lift sat, so it definitely has some clearance.

While my budget is on hold, I've been putting some more thought to this. Now that I've had this a few months, and hit the local off-road park a few times, I'm less interested in "rock crawling" and that sort of thing. I see my primary usage being more "overlanding" and that sort of off-road.

Which of course changes things quite a bit. I also have a hard limit on the height - being able to pull in and out of my garage is a non-negotiable, and my 5'8" wife being able to get in and out easily is also a consideration.

So...my key wants/needs are:
  1. No more than 2" of lift *overall* (suspension+tires)
  2. On-road manners trump off-road performance (it's still my DD with mostly highway)
  3. I'd like a *little* bit of poke, just from a looks standpoint. (<=1")
So with all of that in mind, I'm leaning towards:
  1. 33's, with a more aggressive AT tread (KO2s or similar)
  2. New hub-centric rims (still need to figure out the backspacing/offset/etc)
  3. Spacer lift <2". Maybe even just a 1"
The Sahara Altitude comes with 255/70R18, which is ~32.1", so going up to 33"s will give me ~0.5" of lift without sacrificing as much power and other considerations as 35"s would. A 1" spacer lift will get me the rest of the way without requiring extra "stuff" to fix things.

The smaller spacer lift will also free up $$$ to be able to invest in wheels/tires, as I'll have ~$4K to knock out all of that stuff with. Some would probably say that this setup is leaning closer to "mall crawler" than "off-roader", but I've been pleasantly surprised by the off-road capabilities even bone stock, so getting some more aggressive tires and a little bit more height will only add to that. I'm unlikely to try to tackle Moab or the Rubicon Trail anytime in the next few years, tbh.

I'll probably go down to 17" rims when I do all this. I really actually love the stock rims with the Sahara Altitude package, but I can't get poke without spacers, and I don't want to go spacers, nor do I want to try to cram a wider tire on there than is recommended.

Bit of a long explanation, but after ~3 months of driving, a few off-road trips, and hundreds of hours of research and calling a few local shops, talking to local Jeep club members, etc, that's where my head's at.