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Mar 2, 2017
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Olive Branch, MS
2016 Jeep JK Rubicon, 2018 Jeep JL Rubicon
Interestingly, I just did an overnight test drive of the JLUR with the 2.2L Turbo Diesel here in Australia. Then today I was watching a review of the JL with 3.0 EcoDiesel. I'm not sure if it was the camera, but the battery and air intake seem switched on USA vs. Euro/AU JL!!! On the one I test drove, the battery (when standing in front of the jeep's open hood) is on the right, and the air intake on the left. (The EcoDiesel seemed to have battery on the left - USA passenger side - and air intake on the right - USA drivers side).

I'm getting very used to Jeep and suppliers not providing much support for AU/Euro models (we just lost availability to Punk'in Orange BEFORE any Gladiators were delivered here... bloody monkey's F$$^%$ that one for Australia buyers.... sighs... But lucky for us Australia has a VERY strong Jeep community and plenty of very talented businesses making great kit (RedArc, ARB, Patriot Campers etc).

So I can understand by Genesis cannot help you as much as you think they should, but as stated before routing and changing the length of battery and starter cables should not be that big of a deal if that's your only concern.

You are correct, the right hand drive version has the engine bay reversed. We got lucky with our right hand drive kit for the JK, we just flipped the whole tray around like a mirror image from the US version. Then SBR Offroad in Australia helped us fine tune the fitment of the fuse box, which was a big help since we do not have access to the right hand drive vehicles here either.
We have not had an opportunity to see the right hand drive JL yet, so I'm not sure yet if we can do the same thing to make a rhd version of the JL kit.