1. Anybody know where this cord goes to?

    I was using a tazer and while I was looking up under my driver footwell I seen this cord just dangling. It’s not plugged into anything and there nothing near it to plug into. I was wondering if anyone knew what it could go to
  2. Alaska Tazer Lite for JL 2.0T - $175

    I have a Tazer Lite for a JL I unfortunately had to sell. It’s currently programmed for a 2.0T but maybe could be flashed for a 3.6L. It’s unmarried and is in perfect plug-and-play condition. Shipping from Alaska, I’ll pay shipping. $175 Unfortunately the website wont allow me to select Alaska...
  3. Tazer installed and Mirror Turn Signals are always on

    Hello everybody, This is my first post in this forum. I am experiencing an issue with my mirror turn signals are always being on once I switch the car on, they aren't flashing (solid light). I don't know if I have played with the Tazer and switched them on or there is a problem with the...
  4. WTB: JL Tazer Lite and Ocean Blue JL Fenders (Ohio)

    Looking for 2019 JLU Sport S: - JL Tazer Lite - Ocean Blue JL Fenders
  5. California SALE PENDING - 2020 JLU Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Lifted Fox Shocks Beadlocks Toyo Tires Warn

    Jeep is located int Costa Mesa, CA (Orange County) Willing to ship, asking $67k This Wrangler is basically new and in perfect condition. There is over $77,000 invested in this build. Jeep was acquired by someone who needed out of their lease and then was built after and now ready for a new...
  6. Default Dash Info Screen

    I recently installed a lift, larger tires, and the Tazer JL. I have noticed that my dash info screen almost always defaults to the mpg screen. I say almost always because if I turn the Jeep off and back on in a short time it seems to show the last used screen. I do not remember this being an...
  7. Please explain like I am a 5 year old. New Tires, Gas Mileage drop.

    I just moved from 2457517's on my 2018 Jeep JLU Sport S to 35125020(35x12.50r20) Yokohama X-AT's.(Love these tires BTW. Aggressive looking and damn near whisper quite) I have the 3.6. It still seems pretty peppy enough in daily driving. However it seems to be holding on to gearing longer when...
  8. Gunmetal Stinggray

    Gunmetal Stinggray

  9. Tazer Gear Ratio feature: what does it do?

    I am assuming this is not the same as actually regearing, and I can’t find good info online, hoping someone here is knowledgeable. 1) what does it do? 2) are there any risks? 3) what should I set it at after adding 75lb 35” tires on? 4) anything else I should know
  10. Tazer JL check engine light on

    After installing the Tazer JL and making a few changes (tire size, LED head lights and fog lights, TPMS adjustments) the check engine light came on and has not gone off. The Tazer JL shows no current code’s to clear but the check engine light is still on. Any ideas or has anyone had this...
  11. WTB - Tazer JL

    WTB unmarried Tazer jL FOR A 2.0 Turbo. Thanks!
  12. Superchips 42051-JL TrailDash2 Programmer for 2018-19 Jeep JL

    Changed my mind, never opened. Paid $611.95. I'll do $550 shipped.
  13. FlashCal vs Tazer Mini?

    I bought a Tazer mini, tried to use and whenever I connected, and I go to < < settings, the screen on JL freeze and nothing work; I can't turn on the JEEP. I removed and installed the OEM bypass and still, nothing works. I had to disconnect both batteries then connect to start jeep again. Tried...
  14. Tazer JL Lite $170 Shipped SOLD

    Unmarried Tazer JL Lite and Oracle Switchback DRL LEDs and LED Tail Lights. Tazer JL Lite can be upgraded to full functionality by purchasing the firmware from their website. I ended up getting rid of my Jeep, so no longer need the Tazer. LEDs have been sold.
  15. ESS Not Ready, Steep Grade on flat ground, pitch 6°

    Need help; When I was driving my Wrangler today I noticed that ESS wasn't working as usual, so I went into menus to check ESS message and it says due to steep grade, so I went to check Pitch & Roll and it was showing 6° on level ground. I was on my way to work so I dropped it off at the nearest...
  16. WTB: Tazer Mini

    Looking for a fully functional Z Automotive JLJL Taz Mini, new or used.
  17. New TazerMini, how to first steps?

    got a new tazer mini, read instructions for the windows app and the install. not yet installed. connected to windows pc, app only lists light show as available to configure (but it isn't installed in jeep either so this may be normal). It reads the device as a TazerJL instead of a TazerMini-...
  18. Regear and Tazer

    Hey guys dropped the Jeep off today for a regear. The other day I had to disconnect the battery for an unrelated mod. On the way to the shop I noticed my speedo was incorrect and thus Tazer no longer in effect. Now the shop, who has no experience with the Tazer is now going to reinstall the...
  19. TazerJL Feature Requests

    After discussing very briefly with @[email protected] in another thread, it sounds like the ZAuto team is open to feature requests from the community. Of course, there is no guarantee that a feature is doable or will be delivered - but kudos to the TazerJL team for being open to hearing our requests...
  20. What can the Tazer do for me?

    I have a JLUR automatic. I intend to use the Jeep primarily as a daily driver. I want good gas mileage so I don't intend to disable the stop/start. Do I need the Tazer or similar product? If so, why?