Why are MOPAR stuff SO Expensive????


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Nov 16, 2019
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Wow thats tough Adam!! Sorry to hear that. Thank you for sharing though, I know that MOPAR stuff are expensive but I do love their designs. It is more solid somehow (or I am being myopic cause of my bias who knows). I might get less stuff for my bucks - but at least it is something that I love. And I second what people said about MOPAR products being way high (damn you MOPAR) but one of the reason why they can carry the price is because there is a demand for it I guess.

I also think that while I will support items that are custom manufactured in United States (the subsequent version of the item are better - ie second version of Lange Hoist a Cart - a lot of them are custom made - for instance the soldering point between the metals) there are also a lot of knockoff from China that literally just copy the design.

Thanks to some cool guy over here that recently posted the thread about Lego Technic Jeep (actually I take that back - someone said that this forum creates want and he is so true cause if I have not seen the Lego Jeep I would not know it exist hence I would not buy it). There is this same priced - knockoff from China that people are buying from Amazon but they should have known better. Talking about Amazon - while I shop a lot on Amazon due to convenience and product availability - it is also enabled some unscrupulous seller from China that sells lower quality knockoff at fraction the price. Without Amazon, I don't think that our market would have been inundated with so much crap that are sometimes dangerous and did not meet the quality requirement.

Man I really digress - but I love my Lego Technic Jeep (thanks to you that posted on the forum - I sorta teensy weensy hate you too for sharing - cause along with the toy Jeep I also bought two authentic hats).

Here compare and contrast. Thanks for sharing - you guys are so awesome!

This is the real thang...


And this is not - notice something interesting? I guarantee that it was spelled like that on purpose. I left a scathing one star review on Amazon! Mwaa ha ha.


(I hope that your Jeep does not look like that Aldo after using those chaineseeee Jeep stuff- I am chaineeeseee myself - so I am allowed to make fun of myself :giggle: )
Design definitely plays a role. I am willing to pay more for a Mopar steel bumper or fuel door for the design aspect, but not for a set of Mopar sill guards or splash guards that don’t even work all that well.

In JL’s specific case, the design of the Mopar LED headlamps looked much better than anything else, so I forked out $900. Only to find out later that DV8 Offroad sells the exact same headlamps for $600...and are much easier to install to boot!

After getting burned once or twice from buying Mopar parts, I am now a lot more cautious.


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Sep 7, 2020
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Gosh darn it, you're probably right! Then I'm gonna have to shell out another $12 five years from now. :giggle:
I hope for your sake it doesn't look like crap the whole time. I get it, it's nice to save a $ buy do you truly think its a quality finish for $12 ?


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