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Apr 5, 2018
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Moore, Ok
Since they never give any real useful info, I just have fun with them now.





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Jan 12, 2018
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Vehicle Showcase
Todays chat. Not good news

Darryl: Perfect, I have taken a look into your new vehicle order status and your vehicle is as follows: · Order is in the scheduling phase of the manufacturing process.
· The parts required to build the vehicle are being scheduled and as soon as they available and ready, order will be scheduled for build.
· Most orders are scheduled for build within 30 days after reaching this stage
ETA- to be determined.
scott: and when did I reach this stage?
Darryl: 53 days ago.
scott: Do I have to point out the problem here?
Darryl: Is your vehicle a 2 door?
scott: yes
Darryl: Production for 2 door vehicles has been pushed to April 30th and we will be see much more progress with these vehicles by May14th. We appreciate your patience with us as we launch this exciting product. It has taken extra time to start the second phase of production. Quality is extremely important to us and the plant is taking extra time to insure the product delivered to our customers meets our quality standards.
scott: so they are having quality issues? I mean, they were supposed to start mid feb.
scott: hook me up with the inside info Darryl!
Darryl: It was Mid April and they moved to the end of April because they are running low on parts due to the amount of vehicles that were all ordered at the same time.
scott: what parts are they running low on?
Darryl: Soft tops LED lights.
scott: damn
scott: are they positive it will start next week?
Darryl: As far as the information I have been provided.
scott: is Jeep offering anything to make up for the huge delay? I sold my old Jeep in January and I've been driving an 89 Mitsubishi!
Darryl: This would something you could ask the dealership to see if they offering anything for this.
scott: Ok. Is the 2 door considered a 2018 1/2 since it isn't going to be available till mid year?
Darryl: Lol. I mean it should be.
Darryl: I feel you pain I really do. I have spoke with hundreds of people waiting for their orders.
scott: haha put out in the suggestion box.
Darryl: Noted.
scott santucci: 1 more question, where are you located?
Darryl: Auburn Hills MI
scott santucci: thanks for all the info Daryl have a great day!