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Jul 2, 2019
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Central California
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I find it entertaining. Nothing wrong with a little variety now and then. I will say this , I love how the economy is rockin along , the stock mkt is cruising, and some d bag sociopath is blown up. I can handle 4 more years of this. The climate is changing , is it our fault or is it natural? Its all a grand illusion anyway ! Peace !
Agree with your "likes", but so tired of the haters hating on the Pres (I don't like his personality much, but he's not my friend - I just like how things have gotten better under his "rule" - HA!) on forums where politics aren't the reason for the forum. But hate's got to creep into everything when you're hater I guess.
Back to Jeeps - I like your profile pic with both Jeeps on it - cool! I recently sold one of my Ram pickups, so now only have two left - when I had three my neighbors used to comment on it all the time...some wondered if perhaps I was a Ram dealer. Now they just wonder aloud if I'm an FCA dealer. Better than a drug dealer I tell 'em! (no offense to drug dealers if you're reading this)

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