4XE for short trips?


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Jul 5, 2021
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Clay Florida
2021 4xe
I'll throw my 2 cents in on this since I just swapped out my Hemi Trailhawk WK2 for my new 4xe Rubi. Now I will concede that my experience is based on something a lot of people don't have to contend with which is altitude. Anything naturally aspirated up here in the Rocky Mountains is gonna feel like it's breathing through a straw. The difference I am experiencing could be much closer at sea level. That being said, unless you're driving a 392 or Hellcat Durango/GC Trackhawk, the standard 5.7 Hemi is no match for the 4xe Hybrid powertrain head to head/stock vs stock IMO. I've had my fair share of V8's in my life over the years (2 Hellcat Chargers and a Scat Pack Charger, Hemi Trailhawk, LS1 Trans Am, and an LS3 Corvette) and this is the first time I've legitimately felt blown away by anything with an electric/hybrid powertrain. Next to my old Trailhawk, the 4xe feels like it absolutely blitzes the Hemi in response, pull off the line and passing power.

All that being said, buying a 4xe and relying solely on the powertrain without plugging it in is like tying it's shoelaces together and telling it to run a 5K. It's a huge handicap vs simply going for a different engine choice (of which there are plenty to choose from).
I have to 2nd this - it will be a different "feel" than the V8 but flat out vs flat out - only the 392 and higher V8's currently available will out pull a 4xe - best 1/4 mile I have seen to date is a 13.8.

I bought mine specifically for the power but as other have indicated just plug it in when you can/want to get the EV savings.