1. 33's on a Sport S

    Hey all, I know this topic is probably one of the most discussed topics on the forum, but the majority of posts seem to be about the Sahara or the Rubi and I've struggled to find someone doing what I was planning (Though I know many people have definitely done it). I have a 2 door 2021 JL Sport...
  2. Missouri Rubicon Wheel and Tire For Sale $175

    Hello All, I have a 315/70R17 Tire on a Rubicon wheel, 10,000 miles max on it as it was the spare that was rotated in once. It has been kept in the garage as I had the spare tire delete kit. I have since traded in the Wrangler and no longer need the spare. I do not have the center cap as it...
  3. Changing just one tire !?

    Hello, I would like to change just one tire but I was wondering if I am still good or if my other tires have too much wear already to welcome a new one in the set without any negative effects. I currently have some Falken Wildpeak A/T3W tires that have around 8700 miles (about 14000 km) on...
  4. California (5) 2021 JL Rubicon Wheel Take Offs w/BFG K02’s + Lug Nuts - $1,500

    Five JL Rubicon all terrain tires/wheels removed at 300 miles. Twenty-three lug nuts included. No TPMS sensors. Located in Los Angeles, CA (Glendale) and would prefer local pickup. Asking $1,500 OBO. Fitment: 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 2018-Up Jeep Wrangler JL 2020-Up Jeep Gladiator
  5. Washington Sold: [FS] - 5 Rubicon Wheels $550

    I have 5 rubicon wheels that do not have tpms. They are a bit muddy with minor scratches that can be buffed out. Pickup in west Seattle. Each wheels comes in a box.
  6. Nevada New Upgraded Rubicon wheel with TPMS

    $150 Brand New Upgraded Rubicon wheel with TPMS OBO LAS VEGAS _LOCAL Pick up Buyer Pays Shipping can get estimate based on location
  7. JLUR Snow Tire Question

    Hey Everyone, I have a 2018 JLUR, I am an avid snow skier and am looking for some input on a snow tire question that I have. I know the stock BFG KO2 is a solid snow tire, but I would prefer to get a dedicated, studded winter tire to get up through ice to Timberline Lodge regularly in winter...
  8. Axle seal leaking again, possible causes?

    So I had an axle seal leak (front passenger) back in April, and took the Jeep in to the dealership and they changed out a new seal. Only a month goes by and I found the same seal began leaking again. I know this is some crazy bad luck, but does anyone know if there are possible reasons behind...
  9. Pennsylvania Sold: FS JLU Rubicon Take Offs Wheel, Tire & TPMS included

    For sale set of 5 JLU Rubicon take offs. BFG K02 - 33” Wheels, Tires, and TPMS included 4 tires are 6000 miles old and spare is 0 miles. Everything in great condition. No off roading. Local pick up only Philly area.
  10. Questions for Rock Krawler Front LCA

    Really want to go for the Rock Krawler arms.. but Does anyone know if the Rock Krawler front LCAs have this bend inward for better tire clearance at full steering lock to lock? I know they seem to have a bend upwards for clearance against rocks, but they appear to not bend inward. Anyone can...
  11. Fitted JT Gladiator Rubicon Wheels on JL Sport

    Picked up a set of Gladiator Rubicon wheels for a good price yesterday. It seems there aren’t too many JLs running these wheels. If y’all are wondering what it looks like on a two door JL, here’s my ‘19 Sport with JLUR shocks and springs and JTR wheels.
  12. Icon Rebound Wheels

    Debating between Bronze and Titanium Icon Rebound 17" wheels for my all black rubi unlimited. I've seen the Bronze on Black, but haven't seen titanium on black and thinking it may look too bright. I originally had thought of the satin black wheel, but I was thinking it might not provide enough...
  13. Powder coating vs Painting

    Looking for anyone with experience in powder coating the JLU Rubicon wheels? I would like to powder coat them red/black but have heard it could distort them. Is this true? Is it safer to just have them painted? Does anyone know the benefits to powder coating vs painting? I fully understand...
  14. JL (2DR) Sold: SOLD SOLD Stock Rubi wheels with 315s BFG KO2 (35s)w/TPMS in Syracuse, NY $1500 OBO SOLD SOLD

    I have 5 2019 Rubicon stock wheels with 315/70-17 BFG KO2 with about 500 miles on 4 and 0 on spare. Would prefer local pickup, but will consider shipping at your expense. Tires alone were $1500.00. Make an offer, the worst that will happen is I say no.
  15. WTB - In SoCal or shipped: Mopar Beadlock wheels (simulated ring)

    Looking for Mopar Beadlock wheels, new or used but in mint condition, with the Beadlock simulated ring though. Pickup preferred (SoCal), shipping ok.
  16. California SOLD

    Selling 5 upgraded Rubicon wheels. Mounted on BFG KO2 315x70R17. Wheels and tires have ~5000 miles on them. Very light off roading (dirt trails) so far. Wheels are in great shape no major scuffs/scratches/dents. No TPMS (switched them into my new wheels) $1,200/obo Located in OC, local pickup...
  17. ESS Not Ready, Steep Grade on flat ground, pitch 6°

    Need help; When I was driving my Wrangler today I noticed that ESS wasn't working as usual, so I went into menus to check ESS message and it says due to steep grade, so I went to check Pitch & Roll and it was showing 6° on level ground. I was on my way to work so I dropped it off at the nearest...
  18. List wheels that fit Rubicon offset

    Starting a thread to capture list of wheels that fit JL Rubicon offset of ~44mm or backspace of ~6 inch. My stock 7.5 inch wide Rubicon wheels are too narrow for my 315/70r17 tires to fit without rounding the tread. But these tires do fit fine under the fenders without protruding. I am looking...
  19. Anyone know what this metal piece is?

    Still learning about all the nuts and bolts on this Jeep, does anyone know what is the purpose of this metal piece sticking out?