Couple hunderd miles , off brand new 2018 JL. Seems to be $1200 to 1400 is fair price. No low ball stuff please. Let me know if u demand the sensors or not.. they are $108 bucks per sensor at dealer .
  2. fifteen52 Black Friday Sale! Free wheels?

    Sale is now Live! Head to https://fifteen52.com/collections/cast-wheels/products/turbomac-hd?variant=12923879522370 and add 4 (or 5) wheels to your cart and one wheel will be automatically free! Place your order before inventory runs out! Follow on instagram @fifteen52
  3. Sport S New Takeoff Set - $700obo

    I have a complete set (tire/rim/TPMS) of 5 wheels that we took off our new Sport S JL after 25 miles. Absolutely perfect condition. Does not include lugnuts. Located in Reno, NV and looking for local pickup (can arrange for a meetup for somebody from Sacramento area). Will not ship. $700 obo
  4. Sold my wheels and tires to Discount Tire

    Jusrt as a data point - I had my wheels on sale for a month at $150 and got one offer at $80. Had the tires 245/75/17 for $300 and got no offers. I have more money than patience so I asked Discount what they would give me - they gave me $50/tires and $20 for each wheel, so $350 and I don’t...
  5. Take It From Me — Avoid The Beads

    Learned a big lesson from my first set of 37s and thought I would share. The first shop that did my tires put beads in the tire in an effort to better balance the tire. I had no idea. I was getting a really bad shimmy in the wheel from 40 - 60 MPH. Based on all my research it had something to do...
  6. Steering Wheel Dead zone

    Jeep now has 1,000 miles and so have noticed the dead zone has gotten worse over time. Does anybody have any similiar experience with there being excess play in the steering wheel where no input is sent to the wheels? 2018 JLUR. I'd say atleast a degree of movement left and right before it...