1. New York WTS: 8.4 NAV w/ Bezel and Unlock Code

    Hi there JLWranglerForum Members, I’m selling a Like-New Mopar 8.4inch Uconnect Navigation Radio with unlock code and bezel to make it work for any model - Rubicon, Sahara, Willys and Sport! If interested, please PM me! - more pictures are available upon request. Price: $1,000 shipped -...
  2. Does everyone know what TIME it is? TOOL TIME! Defect #2453

    Defect #2453.. Jeep, I should get paid to find these! Anyone have a work around? GPS Sync time causing discrepancy of 5 hours and 11 minutes. (correct time is 8:47). Also prevents Android Auto from functioning!
  3. Iowa Deleted

    Deleted message
  4. Ohio WTB: 8.4” UAQ

    If you have the bezel as well, that would be awesome. Local preferred, But will pay for shipping to Ohio.
  5. Apple Carplay Screen "Twitching" Effect

    I've searched the forums and not seeing anything on this yet--some months ago, I noticed that when using Apple Carplay, the screen occasionally twitches. Not sure how else to describe it, almost like a quick spasm then works normally for awhile. The audio doesn't cut out, it doesn't hurt...
  6. UPDATED: JL 7.0 Uconnect Radio w/ bezel for sale PRICE DROP

    Wrangler JL 7in Uconnect Radio with Bezel for Sale. Excellent condition, the lock code will be included. $475.00 shipped will accept Zelle or Paypal (gift option) payment I will ship out the same day with FedEx ground if payment is received by 3pm EST. or local pickup near Charlotte, NC
  7. 7” Uconnect and Bezel from 2020 JLR

    Selling my 7” Uconnect screen w/ XM and bezel off of my 2020 JLR. No issues with the screen. Upgrading to the 8.4” screen. Asking $450 shipped or local pick up. I’m located in Indianapolis. The screen is brand new with less than 200 miles on my vehicle.
  8. Upgrading to 8 inch Uconnect from 5 inch

    I own a 2018 JL Wrangler Sport, which I'm extremely happy with the only thing that bothers me is the radio I currently have in the car. I was wondering if upgrading to the 7-inch or 8.4-inch Uconnect from my current 5-inch uconnect. The reason I ask this because when you go to custom order a...
  9. Screen stuck on backup camera

    Put the Jeep in reverse and back up camera comes on. Then when putting it in drive the screen stays on the backup camera and it never goes off. None of the buttons work to change the screen to anything else. It fixes itself after turning the Jeep off for a while. Wondering if anyone has...
  10. WTS: Mopar 8.4inch Uconnect Navigation Radio

    Hi there JLWranglerForum Members, I’m selling a Like-New Mopar 8.4inch Uconnect Navigation Radio with unlock code and bezel to make it work for any model - Rubicon, Sahara, Willys and Sport! If interested, please PM me! - I will be posting up pictures shortly. *SOLD* Thank you :)
  11. 8.4 UConnect with Navigation for sale.

    Like the title says. New 8.4 Uconnect radio out of a 2019 JLRU. Unlock code included. Still has factory screen protector. Pictures attached showing various screens and operation working correctly. Navigation, Apple Car Play, Android Auto, SirusXM, HD Radio, WiFi Hotspot active on radio (LTE...
  12. What’s wrong with this picture?

    Saw this in Addison/Elmhurst Illinois, just outside of Chicago. And I have to wonder who’s at fault; the dealership that installed the spare tire cover or the driver who can’t see out of the rear view camera? I felt like pulling beside them and trying to get their attention but also figured...
  13. Radio On, Jeep Off

    I’ve been doing small mods to my Jeep interior and the other day after the Jeep had been off for an extended time my radio randomly turned on and then off after a few seconds of music playing. I have the 7” uconnect basic radio. Anybody else having the same issue or any feedback? Thanks
  14. 5" uconnect is this thing THIS bad in 2019?

    between the volume you can't adjust for an eternity after starting the vehicle, it constantly defaulting to sirius, half volume to full volume being almost indistinguishable....This is by far the worst radio/head unit I've experienced. Aside from the obvious flaws I'll just have to (apparently)...
  15. 7" UConnect Nav Upgrade?

    I have the 7" Uconnect on my wrangler. Does anybody have any experience with using the nav system for trails on the 7"? I am trying to decide if I should pay to have the nav system unlocked or if I should just buy a dedicated GPS. I would much rather have the nav system integrated into the Jeep...
  16. New Uconnect App feature for your phone

    Neat new features, may be useful for tiger moms and eagle dads in their helicopter parenting.

    So I was driving this morning, turn on my radio to connect my Bluetooth so I can play my iPod music and the radio is skipping every 3-4 seconds. Disconnected my Bluetooth, tried again and it still did it. Put on XM, am/fm and it STILL did it. I then go park, reverse Jeep and the screen went...
  18. Select Tire Fill Alert App

    Noticed this app while watching this video review of the new 2019 JT Gladiator. (17:15) This app allows you to set the desired tire pressure when you are airing up/down you tires. The horn will honk letting you know the tire pressure selected has been reached. Does anyone know if this app...
  19. Smartwatch Uconnect

    We just bought a 2019 Sahara. I've loaded Uconnect to my Galaxy s9 phone, but I'm having no luck getting it onto my Galaxy Smartwatch. Any ideas?
  20. Enough with the Radio issues!!!

    there’s nothing better then shutting your over priced Jeep off, only to have to lift the hood and remove the fuse because your radio is frozen and won’t shut off..or not having the radio work at all, or not having the back up cam work, or not having the radio turn on or having the radio cut in...