1. How worried should be about this load? Noticing some sag, but not sure due to JLR front fender cut

    About to move across country and my JL is stuffed to the brim. When loaded, the rear is sagging a bit but I’m not sure if this is an issue as it appears I’m really just eliminating the front rake. Also, the JLR fenders are pretty high cut which is a bit deceiving. Drove about 250 miles last...
  2. AEV 2.5 vs ARB OME Heavy Load 2.5-3.5

    Hello, my first post here and I am hoping to get some feed back here for purchasing a new suspension kit for my 2018 Jeep JL 4 door. The two kits I am looking at are as follows. AEV 2.5 https://www.northridge4x4.com/part/2-5in-lifts/n0724100ab-aev-2-5in-dualsport-rt-suspension-system and the...
  3. The Story Behind My Failed Pony Express Overland Trip

    Yo! back in October I attempted the Pony Express starting in Salt Lake City with my buddy AJ, the dust did a serious number on his JL forcing us to end early. This video is that adventure. Out of Gas and Turning Back on the Pony Express Trail
  4. My Overland Rubicon -- Can You Sleep In a Jeep Feature

    Hi all! I just dropped the most recent video on my Rubicon build and the gear I bring with me for winter camping!
  5. California Garvin Cargo Rack - $500 obo - Perfect for 2 Doors

    Selling a Garvin Cargo Rack It's a nice rack, I just didn't think it fit the "theme" of my Jeep very well. I'm in the South Bay, Los Angeles but down to meet anywhere within an hour. Rather not ship it if I don't have to. Open to trades if you have anything cool. Hit me up with any questions.
  6. Jackery 500

    Anyone have a lead on a vendor that has the Jackery 500s in stock?
  7. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    If you've been searching for the ultimate after market suspension system to meet both your demanding off-road AND on-road needs, Clayton Off Road Overland Plus Series Lift Kits are exactly what you've been looking for. Why Choose Clayton? We get asked a lot what makes our control arms and...

    Hello there! Your friendly neighborhood Jeep wheel brand here, letting you know that our Cyber Monday Sale is up now! Buy 3 of any wheel, and get the 4th FREE. For a limited time, also get a free gift with our order! (gifts will be selected at random and will be either a VenomRex snapback...
  9. Mac N Me

    Mac N Me

  10. WUF


  11. Sunday project: tailgate table.

    Half hour project for a tailgate table on my JL. Small aluminium plate, piano hinge, a bit of hardware including a few magnets and some paracord. Holds our drinks and a dinner plate or two. Have not put any more weight on it, but we will see how it does in the future. Have $35 into it, and...
  12. Arizona adventures, HeiHei Punk'n 2019 JLUR build

    After a long wait, my Punk'n JLUR arrived. This will be more of an overlanding build than a rock crawler, so the plan is to build for function and protection. My wife and 8yr old daughter love to explore, so we plan on a lot of trail time. So far I only have the floor mats in and installed, and...
  13. Roof Top Tent Quick Walk Around

    I I installed the Roost USA Roof Top Tent on my JL to get ready for a lot of travel this year! It seems to fit the JL well and pairs nicely with the @Maximus-3 roof rack. If anyone has any questions, let me know. Thanks in advance for checking it out!
  14. Pop-up Camper top for JL

    I am considering buying a pop-up camper for the JL and wondering if anyone has experience with these? I saw the one featured at SEMA this year from CliffRidge the escape 365 and I also found the one from Ursamino both seem like high-quality builds for the JL. See attached pics of Cliff Ridge...
  15. FN2199


  16. Rubicon Stock suspension able to handle overland gear?

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with adding additional equipment /weight to their Rubicon? I am looking at adding roof rack, roof top tent and tail gate kitchen (approx 650 lbs) to my Rubi and was wondering if this is going to cause any sag or suspension issues? Is the upgraded rubi...
  17. fifteen52 JL Rubicon @BeardedWrangler

    Jeep Wave! Greetings from the crew over here at fifteen52. This thread is to share our journey and progress with our latest build featuring our brand new Off Road wheel https://fifteen52.com/collections/hd-wheels . Follow us on Instagram @beardedwrangler @fifteen52 Follow our Official...
  18. Dometic Fridges now in stock at Northridge4x4.

    Northridge4x4 is very happy to announce we now have the Domestic Freezer/Fridge line in stock. Five pallets of Dometic freezer/fridges being unloaded by our warehouse/receiving guru Gary. We've got 35s, 50s, 65s and even 75 qt models in stock with more coming in soon. They're going fast...
  19. 3Wolf Garage

    3Wolf Garage