1. WTBuy rubicon steel bumper

    Ordered a Sahara with LED paccage doesn’t know if that matters with the steel bumper but looking to have one.
  2. Difference in fog light mounting brackets

    Does anybody know what the differences are between the halogen and LED fog light mounting brackets? I've been looking at aftermarket bumpers and some only accept the LED mounts and was wondering how difficult it would be to fabricate an adaptor to mount the halogen fogs. Alternatively, if I...
  3. Ebay front Bumpers

    Ive seen some amazing deals (under $300 including shipping) on ebay, for front bumpers, and they look identical to $600-$900 sold by different companies, they even include LED lights, has anyone tried those?
  4. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    Hello, looking for suggestions on the best front bumper to install - that is also good for being flat towed behind RV. Would love suggestions on the whole setup really. But looking for a front bumper that looks good, can take a winch, maybe some slots for lights, and need to better understand...
  5. After market bumper and winch. New springs needed?

    I have a bumper and winch sitting in my house that I want to install on my JLUR. I think in total it’s about 140 lbs. Do I need to upgrade my front suspension the account for the weight added? I know there are lots of people who had to do it for the JK. If so what’s the best way to do it...
  6. Will JL factory bumper hold water?

    For the JK it was discovered that you could seal up 4 holes and then use the bumper to hold water. Folks got pretty creative and added pumps, pressurized it, etc. to create water for washing the jeep after wheeling, cleaning up after the beach,etc. Anyone know if JL's bumper will be able to be...
  7. Modular Bumper theory

    It's been a little slow around here recently, so in response to another thread, I thought I'd post this theory I have about the front bumper, and what some of the features might mean. I think with the bumpers we've seen there is some hidden modularity under the surface. :idea: It's just a...