1. Arcus bumper or XRC gen2 offroad beating?

    I have been looking on bumpers and I like the arcus but from other post comments seems like it is not that sturdy and is more like a front for the winch plate? From people that have it, how well does it hold on from hitting rocks when crawling? on the other hand I also like the XRC but I...
  2. Misaligned my stock Front Steel Bumper :(

    I removed my bumper yesterday to install my winch and the Warn winch plate. When I put it back in place, everything went fine -- I did not notice anything weird. However, when I removed the bolts to put back my Warn Grille Guard, the holes on the driver side are now all misaligned and the bolts...
  3. Tennessee WTB Warn Grille Guard -- low (or similar)

    Looking for a used Warn Grille Guard -- the low version but might consider the mid version. If you have something similar that fits the steel bumpers that came on my 2018 JLUR, I might be interested. I'm not planning to replace my bumpers.
  4. Texas Sold: OEM Steel Front Bumper

    OEM Front Steel Bumper. Includes Skid Plate, LED Fogs. I will throw in a set of Rubi factory rock rails. Rear bumper sold. LOCAL ONLY - DFW area. Asking $650 OBO Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
  5. Hardware to Build Mopar Steel Bumper from Components

    Hi All, I'm in the process of tracking down a Mopar Tubular Steel Front Bumper for my '21 Rubicon with the factory plastic bumpers. I was hoping to find a used one thinking any of the factory steel bumpers would be interchangeable, but those look to be few and far between right now. There was...
  6. Pennsylvania Sold: WTB OEM Steel Front Bumper

    I ended up just getting the steel bumper new from a dealer that had ~15% below MSRP. I'm looking to upgrade the stock plastic front bumper on my '21 JLR to the 3-piece steel bumper. I believe any steel bumper & skid plate from '18-'21 2 & 4 door JL Rubicons & Freedom Editions or the Mopar...
  7. Anyone modify the oem rubicon plastic bumper

    Hey all, curious if anyone has cut or modified the oem plastic bumper. I’m eventually gonna get a steel shorty, but I’m curious if anyone has chopped the ends of their plastic one yet.
  8. Texas Sold: Rubicon OEM Steel Front Bumper w/Skid plate and LED Fogs

    OEM Steel Front Bumper takeoff from new Rubicon. This includes Skid Plate and LED Fogs however no harness (harness is universal in all models and can be transferred from your plastic bumper). LOCAL ONLY - DFW area. Asking $700 OBO Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
  9. Georgia JLUR Plastic Bumper with LED Fog Lights

    I have a front plastic bumper with Red tow hooks and LED fog lights, taken off from my 21 JLUR 4xe @ 40 miles. I replaced the bumper with a steel bumper, and reused the LED wiring harness from the original plastic bumper. The LED fog lights are from my steel bumper, but will fit the plastic...
  10. California Sold: Socal Rubicon Plastic Bumper w/ Led Fog Light

    Hi members! Here’s just taken off from my 2020 JLUR plastic bumper. Local pickup only please. LA county Zip code 91303 Only $100 Including Plastic bumper, Led fog light, top guard, skid, hardwares, clips. You will just need wiring harness for fog lights. Thank you :)
  11. California Sold: Rubicon Front Steel Bumper 550.00 OBO

    Front steel bumper from 2020 Rubicon JT $ 550.00 obo. Located in Gilroy, CA
  12. North Carolina WTB Rubicon Steel Bumper and Fenders

    Looking to buy a Rubicon front steel bumper and high top fender flares (either textured black or Sarge green). Located in the Raleigh area, and would love to keep it within a 3-hour driving radius for pick-up. Thanks, AP
  13. OEM Bumpers

    Mess up your bumper while Jeepin', come check out our selection of OEM Jeep JL bumpers! https://malcolmstakeoffs.com/collections/jeep/bumpers-and-parts
  14. Texas Sold: Sold

  15. Oregon Aftermarket Bumper Recommendations

    I thought I had found the perfect bumper for my Jeep but I became unsure of it because it does not appear to accommodate factory fog lights, although it fits the warn vr evo 10s winch I would add, the bumper does not fit the ADD fairlead so I would have to go searching for one and I would also...
  16. Tennessee Sold: $75 JL Sahara Plastic Bumper

    Less than 3000 local road miles on this Sahara style front bumper. Come with all the fixins. This has the desired end caps over the fog light housing without the bumper to fender extender. Also includes the small metal skid plate and the plastic air dam. Factory metal tow hooks with nuts. I...
  17. Barricade Adventure HD on 2021 Rubicon

    I have a 2021 Rubicon with the factory steel bumper and LED fog lights, and I am weighing my options with regards to adding a winch. I am looking at a Warn VR EVO 10-S winch, so I would need a winch plate to mount it to the steel bumper. In addition, I want to add a bar to the bumper. As I was...
  18. California Sold: Brand-new: MOTOBILT Crusher rear bumper (incl. light mounts & spare tire cut out) - $479

    FOR SALE: Brand-new: MOTOBULT JL REAR CRUSHER BUMPER (+LIGHT MOUNTS +SPARE TIRE CUTOUT) Asking: $499 (Flack Friday 2020 deal, MSRP $599) Wrong / double order, delivered Dec 15th 2020. Unpainted. Pickup only in Los Angeles / Calabasas, CA. Disclaimer: Wrangler photos taken from the JL...
  19. Forum Member Sale - This Weekend Only - Rebel Off Road

    We're offering up forum members a 8% off code for this weekend on the following Rebel Off Road products: Summit Series Bumpers Blackout Window Storage Kits Bak-Pax Rebel Apparel Please use the code JWF13021 at checkout to receive 8% off! Have a great weekend!
  20. Connecticut Sold: JL sport front bumper

    Plastic front bumper off of a 2020 wrangler sport. Comes with the stock halogen fog housings. ( i replaced the halogen bulbs with fog bulbs ). On the jeep for 6000 milea and in like new shape. Pick up only. 100$ obo. also comes with all the splash guard and all hardware.