1. Virginia '21 JLU Willys Front Bumper with air dam, hardware, license plate bracket

    I recently replaced my front bumper so this is available. There are no issues with it -- mostly lightly used as it came off of a '21 with about 4800 miles. Should make for good replacement for anyone who dented their front bumper or tore their air dam on the trails, wants a backup/extra parts...
  2. Missouri OEM Mopar Jeep Rubicon Rear Steel Bumper $250

    OEM Mopar Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon Steel Rear Bumper From a 2020 Jeep Wrangler 4door Rubicon. But will fit 2018-2022. Comes with red tow hook. Has holes for rear parking sensors, but does not have sensors. Does not have all mounting bolts. You should be able to reuse from your old bumper. Not...
  3. Body Armor 4x4 JL Tire Carrier 5298

    I just recently purchased the Body Armor Tire Carrier 5298 addon for my bumper. It is a swing arm type carrier on bearings and latches on the right side. I followed the instructions to a T, pdf of them below. PDF Instructions My problem is now that it's installed and the tire is mounted every...
  4. Texas 2021 JLU High Altitude Parts Wanted

    Looking for Bright white high altitude bumpers, fenders and side mirrors.
  5. South Carolina WTB OEM Steel bumper

    Looking for a takeoff steel bumper. I have a 2018 JL Sahara if that makes a difference. I’m in SC
  6. Georgia WTB Steel rear bumper

    In Atlanta, looking for a JL rear steel bumper. Preferred without sensor holes, but I’ll take either. Let me know if you’re selling.
  7. Spacer lift compensate for bumper sag?

    I recently installed a rugged ridge Arcus bumper with a 12k apex winch. I noticed my front is sagging a bit due to the weight. I know people will throw a small spacer upfront to compensate for this. I was considering just doing a full spacer lift, either 1.5-2”. Will I have to get a larger...
  8. Help - Road Armor Bumper and Skid Plate Install

    I purchased the Road Armor Stealth midwidth bumper and skid plate. Having an issue with installation and looking for some community support. Pictures are attached, but after following the instructions, I am unable to attach the combined bumper and skid plate. The issue appears to be that the...
  9. Fox 2.5 DSC & Motobilt Crusher Front Bumper

    This is, by no means, a dig at Motobilt as I absolutely love the quality, durability, and fit of the Motobilt Crusher front bumper. Just wanted to let anyone else know that if you are planning on running the Fox 2.5 DSC reservoir shocks with this bumper, you will need to do some trimming of the...
  10. Colorado Sold: Rear Steel Bumper - $100

    In good shape and includes everything except the backup sensors. Located in Castle Rock CO.
  11. Are the Baja Designs Squadron Pro lights legal for onroad use??

    I am planning on buying a Hefty Fabworks front bumper for my JL Wrangler, but I wanted some cool amber lights and on their site it states that this bumper is compatible with Baja Designs Squadrons or similar lights. I found the Squadron Pro Amber LEDs, and I really want to use them for daily...
  12. Bumper Part number

    Hi, Do anyone have the part number for the rear plastic bumper? I googled all over the internet and couldn’t find any information about this bumper
  13. Maryland JLU Sport Front and Rear OEM Bumpers

    I upgraded both my front and rear bumper on my 2020 JLU Sport.. I am offering up the OEM bumpers for best offer sale. They have all the parts that are not reused by the new bumpers (i.e. my rear bumper called for reusing many of the old bolts and the fog lights transferred to the new font...
  14. Arcus bumper or XRC gen2 offroad beating?

    I have been looking on bumpers and I like the arcus but from other post comments seems like it is not that sturdy and is more like a front for the winch plate? From people that have it, how well does it hold on from hitting rocks when crawling? on the other hand I also like the XRC but I...
  15. Misaligned my stock Front Steel Bumper :(

    I removed my bumper yesterday to install my winch and the Warn winch plate. When I put it back in place, everything went fine -- I did not notice anything weird. However, when I removed the bolts to put back my Warn Grille Guard, the holes on the driver side are now all misaligned and the bolts...
  16. Tennessee WTB Warn Grille Guard -- low (or similar)

    Looking for a used Warn Grille Guard -- the low version but might consider the mid version. If you have something similar that fits the steel bumpers that came on my 2018 JLUR, I might be interested. I'm not planning to replace my bumpers.
  17. Texas Sold: OEM Steel Front Bumper

    OEM Front Steel Bumper. Includes Skid Plate, LED Fogs. I will throw in a set of Rubi factory rock rails. Rear bumper sold. LOCAL ONLY - DFW area. Asking $650 OBO Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
  18. Hardware to Build Mopar Steel Bumper from Components

    Hi All, I'm in the process of tracking down a Mopar Tubular Steel Front Bumper for my '21 Rubicon with the factory plastic bumpers. I was hoping to find a used one thinking any of the factory steel bumpers would be interchangeable, but those look to be few and far between right now. There was...
  19. Pennsylvania Sold: WTB OEM Steel Front Bumper

    I ended up just getting the steel bumper new from a dealer that had ~15% below MSRP. I'm looking to upgrade the stock plastic front bumper on my '21 JLR to the 3-piece steel bumper. I believe any steel bumper & skid plate from '18-'21 2 & 4 door JL Rubicons & Freedom Editions or the Mopar...