1. Texas 2021 Rubicon Wheels and Tires (5) WITH TPMS $1300

    2021 Jeep JL Rubicon rims and tires. Taken off at 7500 miles. Spare is new. 5 rims with BFG KO2s. ***TPMS SENSORS INCLUDED*** lugs included as well. 285/70/17 located in DFW $1300 Also have the rubicon suspension for sale.
  2. Driving Wrangler? How about the balance of compromises.

    Hi I am a newbie here, writing from Poland. I just ordered Sahara 2021 and am waiting to pick her around Easter. It will be my 4th car in the family, so I can't treat her as the DD. The main purpose of buying Wrangler is to travel with my family to the places I would not like to visit with my...
  3. North Carolina 5 x 37/12.5R17 KO2s

    Considering going to MTs instead of riding out my current KO2s. They have about 6K miles on them (one five-tire rotation so one only has ~1K miles on it). Tires only (no rims). Asking for $300 per tire OBO - will only sell as a complete set. We could meet at the shop where I’ll have my MTs...
  4. California BFG KO2 285/70R17 (5)

    TIRES ONLY Less than 7K miles on these. Upgraded to 35”s. Asking $800 for all 5. Pickup in Orange County CA!
  5. Tennessee 5 Rubicon tires for sales ‘21

    Selling 5 BFG KO2 tires w/564 miles (spare has 0 miles)$800 cash . Tires taken off 2021 Rubicon. All highway miles since purchased vehicle last week. Local pick up only Knoxville,TN
  6. North Carolina 5 Rubicon Tire Take-offs (BFG KO2 285/70 R17)

    I have 5 tires taken off my 2020 Rubicon after 5200 miles - opted to go to a bigger size. Like new with very little wear. Shop measured 14/32 when replacing them (15/32 new). Located in south Charlotte. Pick up only. $700 OBO. Cross posted.
  7. Toxic Avocado

    Toxic Avocado

  8. Minnesota New LT 255/75/17 KM2’s x 5

    Prefer to trade for a new or like new set of KO2’s. Only have 200 miles on them, like new off my 2019 Moab. I would just prefer the KO2’s. $850 if no trade. Tires only, I’m keeping the rims.
  9. Pennsylvania FS JLU Rubicon Take Offs Wheel, Tire & TPMS included

    For sale set of 5 JLU Rubicon take offs. BFG K02 - 33” Wheels, Tires, and TPMS included 4 tires are 6000 miles old and spare is 0 miles. Everything in great condition. No off roading. Local pick up only Philly area.
  10. Rhode Island FS: 2020 Rubicon Wheels & Tires (with TPMS)

    2020 Rubicon Wheels & Tires (with TPMS) - Set of 5 Wheels: Standard Rubicon Machined Wheels with Black Pockets (17x7.5) Tires: BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2's (LT285/70R17/C) Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensors included Tires are mounted with raised white letters facing out. They will...
  11. When is a Mud Tire needed?

    Answer: yesterday. the KO2’s couldn’t throw the mud. So, I skated rather than drove.
  12. California 5x Rubicon take-off wheels and tires w/TPMS in Los Angeles

    550 miles on these rubicon wheels and tires. They look brand new and come with the OEM TPMS. $1500 and they are yours. Pick-up in Studio City. I also have a front driveshaft and suspension available as well.
  13. Aldo's Sahara

    Aldo's Sahara

  14. California JLU Rubicon 5x Wheels $1199 OBO - like new. Pick-up only, Los Angeles.

    5x Rubicon Wheels with BFG KO2 taken from 2019 JLU Rubicon. Like new, about 3000 miles, road only. Asking $1199 Pickup only in Calabasas / Los Angeles, CA
  15. Colorado 2018 JL Rubicon Wheels, Tires, TPMS - Denver - $850

    I have a set of five wheels, tires, TPMS, mounted and balanced with 8-9/32" tread remaining on all five available for sale. Three of the five wheels have marks on the edge as pictured. Note I forgot to take pictures of the fifth wheel, but it has no damage and has 8/32" of tread remaining...
  16. WTB Rubi Takeoff Wheels and/or Steel Bumper (Ottawa/MTL area)

    Found a set! Thanks. Looking for JL rubicon takeoff wheels (possibly KO2 tires) and/or rubicon front steel bumper. Longshot for the mopar offroad slotted wheels (77072494AB) Located in Ottawa, ON area Thanks, Ian
  17. Georgia Brand new set (5) of BFG KO2 2020 Rubicon takeoffs NO TPMS mounted on stock rims. $1500 obo.

    Set of 5 brand new BFG KO2’s on original rubicon rims. Less than 50 miles driven on these before getting my new wheels and tires mounted. DOES NOT include TPMS since I had these placed in my new tires. $1500 obo. Local pickup only. Alpharetta, GA.
  18. Rubicon OEM Tires KO2 or Wildpeak MT?

    Ordered my Jeep today and was told I could choose Wildpeak MT or BFG KO2, wanted to see what everyone thinks of the Wildpeak, I know everyone and there mom loves the KO2s, but thought it would be good to get opinions and do a poll.
  19. North Carolina JLU RUBICON Wheels and Tires

    Great tires and aluminum wheels, 5k miles:clap:! $1000 OBO 5 285/70R17 BFG KO2s. These are amazing tires, just swapped for lift and larger tires. Can't get them new for less than $250 ea. Rubicon premium aluminum wheels over $200 ea. new. Mounted and balanced, no TPMS sensors (easily replaced)...
  20. Illinois Looking For BFG 285 Take offs

    Looking for a set of BFG KO2 285 Take offs with wheels. Low miles IL