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  1. Fenders/ turn signals

    Hi all. My first post. I recently purchased a used 2018 JL 2 door sport. I wanted to get rid of the plastic bulky fender flares and upgrade to steel pairs. My question; the turn signal is on the fenders, so if I get ones that have no turn signals, how does my car display the signal?! I’m sorry...
  2. California SOLD--not sure why its not updating...Rubicon High-Line Fenders for Sale $400 Los Angeles

    Hi, I just bought these Rubicon Fender takeoffs from somebody else, but I decided to go with paintable ones on mine instead. I bought them to be able to run bigger tires on my JLU Sport. These came off a 2019 JLUR as well. They are in pretty good condition (just a bit of normal wear and tear)...
  3. Tennessee Fender Flares for Sale - Rubicon JLU - $375

    Selling a set of 4 flares off my 2019 Rubicon. These are the flat black (non painted) LED versions. Here’s a few pics of them on and off the Jeep. Have the mounting hardware as well. Upgraded mine so don’t need these any more. Let me know if you’re interested. I’m just south of Nashville.
  4. WTB JLU Granite rear Sahara fender flares & OEM running board

    Hello, I am looking specifically for a rear drivers side granite crystal fender flare and the molar running boards for a JLU. Thanks
  5. Excited to be part of the JL community!

    We're excited to be part of the JL Forums community! We have some great products for Jeep Wranglers back to the CJ5, and have new products for the JL in the works. Feel free to ask us questions or PM.
  6. Help on installations

    So I have the Sport S and I am planning on getting the rubicon Led headlights as well as the High Rise fenders. My question is, will this work on the sport s, DRL's and all. I have done some searching around on here and have not found a definite answer just yet. I already have the tazer jl and I...

    So I got my driver side fender damaged. Jeep in Carmel NY ordered me a new one but the paint job was disgusting. I showed my problem with it and they “took care of it” by swapping a flare from another Jeep. PROBLEM IS...it’s not a Rubicon flare! See pics below Close ups are of the first...
  8. WTB Granite Crystal Fenders

    Hi I have a new set of black sport flares off a 2018 JL 4 door and I’m looking to trade with, or outright purchase painted granite crystal flares. I’ll make you a good deal.
  9. JLU Billet Silver Fender Flares (Rubicon or Sahara)

    Looking for JL Billet Silver OEM Fender Flares to match the body of my Jeep, preferably with the inner fender well lining attached. I’m located near Asheville NC, but willing to travel or pay for shipping if it’s out of the way.
  10. High Fender Flare Like/Dislike?

    At the risk of sounding crazy; I am not fond of the high fender flares in rubicons. This is a purely aesthetic point of view. I understand the advantages of having the high fender flare. But I prefer the look of the regular one. Once I get my rubicon, I will switch out the high one with a...