1. Idle vibes?

    is it normal if the 3.6 to have a bit of vibration at idle? My Jeep is a 2018 with 30k and I’ve noticed it’s got a bit of a vibration at idle. I’ve already had the vibration/ ac fan flash done already. Wondering if I should worry or just chalk it up to a Jeep thing.
  2. Illinois AFE Momentum 3.6 Air Intake System

    Hey everyone, I am selling my AFE Momentum Air Intake System for the 3.6L taken off a 2019 Moab lease ending with 11,854 miles. It comes with the slightly used oem dry filter and a brand new unopened dry filter. I have had many intakes from different brands in different cars. This system by...
  3. Rough idle TSB?

    Anyone had the rough idle/ loud after fan update done to their Jeep. I’ve got a bit idle vibration and I am wondering if this update will fix it. The vibration isn’t heavy but it’s definitely noticeable.
  4. Spark knock?

    Hey all, I’ve got 30k on my 3.6 rubi, and I’ve noticed sometimes between 2nd and 3rd gear around 2k to 3k rpm, I’m getting what some are referring to as “spark knock”. No loss in power, just sound a little like a diesel for a couple turns. I’m running shell 91 and it seems to help and but. Has...
  5. How do Cold Starts Work on the 4xe?

    I have a question for all the 4xe owners regarding something I’ve wondered about recently. I have the 3.6 pentastar and I warm up my engine for about ten minutes during every cold Start. I’ve read on the forums that for the 4xe the engine does not turn on when the start button is pressed...
  6. Illinois Sold: UPR Oil Catch Can for 3.6 JL 80$

    Used for 10,000 miles on my wife’s MOAB. Her lease is up so I will be selling. Located in the Chicago suburbs (Naperville) if pickup . Will ship if paid before shipping. Thanks! Photos attached! 80$ plus UPS shipping.
  7. Oil filter tip broke off

    So I'm changing the oil and the oil filter tip broke off and there might be a plastic piece inside. Should I be worried about it ? I was pulling out the filter and the tip just snapped off its sitting in there still. There are four prongs on the tip and one is missing.
  8. Insight Needed - Engine Clicking Sound (video)

    I was getting my son a DQ, had the top and doors off in the drive through and heard this loud clicking sound reverberate off the building. I thought for sure it was the car in front of my, not my 2020 with under 1,600 miles... until they drove off. It’s coming from the Jeep. Not sure if this...
  9. 3.6L vs 2.0 turbo?? Pros and cons of both??

    Hi all, I am new to the JL fam. I currently am a loud and proud owner of a 2005 TJ with the 4 liter straight 6, but recently have been having issues with it (body rust as I live on the East Coast) and have ultimately decided to put it up for sale and purchase a newer Jeep. I will be outright...
  10. Starter Engine Location?

    Anyone know where the starter engine is located on the 2018 Unlimited Sahara? Haven't been able to find anything in regards to it.
  11. 4,500 Miles Service Shifter Eror - 2018 JLU Sahara

    Hi all, I'm starting this thread to add to the reported instances of "Service Shifter" in our JL Wranglers. This also serves as a timeline and record of events in case the issue is not resolveable by the dealer. This post is long, so here's the TLDR tl;dr - My 2018 JLU Sahara has been in the...
  12. WTB superchips flashcal $200

    just looking for a superchips flashpaq!
  13. 2.0 Dipstick and oil level reading

    The dipstick on 2.0 is different than that of 3.6. Did my first oil change on the 2.0 last weekend and was having a real hard time getting a correct oil reading level from the dipstick, anyone else having the same issue? Since I live in Canada they use metric over here and 5 quarts equates to...
  14. Cleaning Mud off the engine by spraying water

    Hi, I went off roading yesterday at Big Bear, CA (had some much fun) at the end of the trail there was mud in it and i went through it and it was awesome. The only thing is that when i opened the hood, it was full of mud. Do you guys know if i can just get a hose and spray some water in it try...
  15. 2019 Order Help - Wait for 3.6l BSG? Worth it?

    First off, this is my first post. Thanks to everyone on the forums. Been scouring threads for weeks and it's been crazy helpful. ----------------------------------- So, I've managed to find a dealership here in CA that will do 3% below invoice on a new 2019 build. Stoked! (Was hoping to find...
  16. High-pitch engine noise

    When I "turn the key" to run (without cranking the engine), the engine makes a high-pitch electrical noise. I took it to the dealer, and they said that the electronic throttle body assembly makes that noise on all the new JLs, and it is "operating as designed". Does everyone else get the same...
  17. Breaking in the new jl.

    Hello.Have a JWUJL in punk'n on order. All other brand new cars ive had i broke the engines in to manufacturer spec. Want to treat this baby well. I need assistance in planning the first miles out.All sugestions would be appreceated. ordered the standard 3.6.