1. Upper Door Leak

    Hey everyone, I got this leak around the upper part of my door, I cant figure it out for the life of me and it is starting to drive me crazy. Here are some pictures, let me know if you would like some more. Thanks
  2. Odd solution to an odd door connection problem

    TLDR; If you're having issues with the door/s not being recognized as open, i.e. dome lights won't come on, auto unlocks don't work, door ajar light doesn't come on, etc, try reconnecting the wiring harness with the door/s closed. Long story; A few weeks back I took the doors off on my 21 JLU...
  3. The Cause of Door Connector Bent Pins and How to Fix Yourself

    Did you know the door wiring connectors have a built-in mechanism to prevent the pins from bending? Did you also know that whoever puts the connectors together at the factory hardly ever installs this mechanism properly, hence all the issues with bent pins? If you want to take your front doors...
  4. How do I remove the doors wiring receiver under the drivers side from that bracket?

    I recently put my doors back on and seemed to have bent a pin or two in the receiver part. I just want to take the whole thing off that bracket cause it’s near impossible to get in the floorboard and straighten the pins accurately. Anyone know how to do this without breaking it?
  5. Use factory door hinge nuts with aftermarket doors?

    Do you use your door hinge nuts when you put on your aftermarket doors or just guide pin attachments? I've heard of people only using the nuts on the standard doors. 2021 sport 4 door
  6. British Car Reviewer doesn't understand removable doors and center window switches

    And then goes to insult people's wits when people explain to him it's because of removable doors. With other comments following calling out Jeepers "morons". Apparently they don't use their own "wits" to realize that it’s designed so not all doors necessarily needed to be removed at the same...
  7. JL Install Proximity Entry AFTER purchase?

    Hey all, I know there are some threads on here but people comment about how great their remote entry works or how to use it and the topic gets lost in the shuffle. I am one of many JL owners who wishes they had purchased the keyless remote entry package to be able to jump in their Jeep without...
  8. Water pooling on drivers side floor mat

    Hey y’all, The rain is back in washington state. I’ve noticed that waters been pooling on my drivers side floor mat. It seems to come somewhere from the door seal. It leaks under my dash into the floor well. Anyone else having this issue? Headed to the dealer this week but would like to know...
  9. Door Sill Step or Not to Step?

    How many of you guys use your door sill as a step? I noticed it is plastic and flexes when I apply pressure (by hand). I'm sure it's supported by metal eventually underneath, but wasn't sure how long it would last if my passengers and myself use it as a step...Curious on your thoughts. Thanks
  10. DIY Hardtop and Door Holders

    Here's my printable DIY Instructions for building your own Hard Top Cart based off of @Texas_Yote 's build and an updated Door Holder Cart based off an outdated "" build. Basically $165 Total for both carts! You save money and have your own touch on it! I was about to drop $200+...
  11. Have to slam door to make it shut

    Just brought home my JL Sahara today! Love it! The driver door has to be slammed in order for it to be properly closed so I can put it in gear. No other door has this problem. The salesman noticed this, but we just assumed we didn't shut the door hard enough. Now that I've driven it around for...