1. Brake pedal?

    Hey all, I’m a first time Jeep owner, coming from a golf R I’ve noticed the Jeep brakes are a little bit on the softer side. I have no problem stopping, but I noticed it’s definitely got a little more travel than I’m used to. I’ve had the brakes bled about 3 times now and it’s not gotten any...
  2. New Hampshire JLUR take-offs: brakes rotors calipers

    36k miles, taken off my 2018 JLUR. No issues. Upgraded mine. Currently in Nashua, NH. Sometimes in Albany, NY. Local pick up or buyer shipping. $150 OBO
  3. Went with power stop brakes

    Got sick of looking at rusty rotor hats so I went with power stop brakes. Had to use slashed to get rear rotors off. Was surprised how much the pads had left with 62,500 miles on them.
  4. North Carolina Brand new Rubicon rear calipers

    Brand new unused Mopar factory rear calipers, came with Rubicon Dana44 axles I upgraded to. Asking $100 for the pair. They DO NOT come with the pads. Will ship on your dime.
  5. JK steelies on a JL

    So I got a smokin deal on a set of steel wheels from a 16 JK, they are 16inch stock rims. Stock on my JL is 17s i looked at my breaks... i don't have a lot of clearance. Does any one run 16s on a sport JL if so how much back spacing?
  6. Observations regarding the brakes

    I have a 2dr JL Sport S, 3500 miles, and have noticed a couple of things regarding the brakes: 1. They seem a bit...mushy. I'm not sure how else to describe it. I know it's not a high-performance car but going down hills, I live in San Francisco, I would say the stopping power leaves a lot...
  7. Few pics of mine at SEMA

    heres my baby JL.Rubitron
  8. Clicks and Ticks

    I've posted before on front end noises but I'm experiencing something new. Based on a previous clunking noise the dealer was able to find that the left front shock bolt was about 3/4 turns loose, once tightened that went away. I was able to recreate (but never for the dealer) a double...
  9. Emergency Brake Cable Disconnected From Handle

    I put a 2" Rough Country budget lift on last night. Playing it safe to make sure I had slack in the E-Brake lines I simply unhooked the E-Brake cables from the rear wheels. When I went to reconnect them the driver's side was about 1/2" too short to reconnect. So I decided to push and pull the...