1. California Spiderweb Shade for 2-door

    Up for sale is a Spiderweb Shade for a 2-door. The cutout works for the hard top. It is in perfect condition and has the Spiderweb shade nubs. $125, plus shipping. Currently: https://www.spiderwebshade.com/collections/jl-2-door/products/jl2d I'm in Sacramento. This can be shipped.
  2. 2-Door Unicorn Poll

    Inspired by this thread, I created a poll to find the least common 2-door engine/drive-train combination.
  3. Multicam's Jeep

    Multicam's Jeep

  4. WIDO's garage

    WIDO's garage

  5. Removing front passenger seat (JL)

    I'm really excited to buy the new JL, just have a paralyzing decision. 2 door vs 4. I work in a super dense city and would love the 2-door parkability, but I also want to be able to easily sleep inside on long road trips to TX. I know the 4-door is a no-brainer option, it's just a beast to park...
  6. Ron's TJ

    Ron's TJ

  7. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Have a 2018 JL Crystal Granite Sahara, which we love, but thinking of adding a 2 dr to our garage......can't decide on color or top choices.... 1st pic is a White Rubi with Black Soft Top...but then I think Sting Grey, oh, and then Silver, then Ocean Blue, then Punkin...see, I just can't...
  8. JL or JLU, which will you choose?

    Just wanted to know what everybody will be getting, the 2-door or the 4-door. I'll be ordering the 2-door JL as soon as the order banks open. We are so close, can't wait!