Way better design - Engine Stop/Start


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Oct 13, 2021
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2023 JL Rubicon (2DR/V6)
I think I know the reason the stop/start is disabled in park. At first I thought it was dumb to do it that way, then my wife bought a Mercedes. It does turn the engine off when you put it in park. The problem is when you are getting out of the car it’s hard to tell if you actually turned it off, especially if you don’t drive it often. I have gotten out and walked off only to come back later and realize I had left it in run mode. That WILL run the battery down if you are gone very long.
Not to add further complexity, but since that ship has sailed, it shouldn't be too difficult for the manufacturers to either use the seat weight detection (for airbags iirc) or the action of opening a door, or the key fob leaving the vehicle for it to automatically shut down a vehicle completely that entered ESS while in park.

And while we're at it, a vehicle that entered ESS while in drive shouldn't be restarted while shifting into park only to be manually shut down a few seconds later. Like normal ESS behavior, as long as your foot remains on the brake it shouldn't restart itself in drive, neutral, reverse or park until your foot is actually removed. It's just lazy/illogical programming.

Personally not a fan of ESS in general, but I do feel that it can be improved upon in different ways that would make it much less of a nuisance to the driver and in ways that would both lessen undue wear on the engine and actually increase fuel economy by smarter behavior (emissions reduction is a mfg problem with solutions that should be mostly imperceptible to the user, while improved fuel economy is something that many of us find appealing).