Any small lockable storage options yet?


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Nov 9, 2017
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2018 2 door JL
My issue with it is that instead of it being a lockbox that is, in fact, a metal box with a metal locking lid as was the case with previous Tuffy console lockboxes, the Tuffy JL "lockbox" is only a steel locking *lid* being added to the existing plastic console container.

To me, a thin plastic box with a locking metal lid is only marginally more secure than a thin plastic box with a plastic lid. Your wants and needs may be different.

Is the Tuffy JL metal lid better than stock? Yes. But not good enough for me, especially not for the $150 price. It is much cheaper than previous Wrangler console solutions, and gives the appearance of security -- I guess Tuffy is thinking that for most JL owners, that will be 'good enough'.
The tuffy solution is pretty solid, if someone has the time and freedom to smash out the medium thickness plastic around the side of the console, going further is no barrier, I have a heavy steel 1 thich 6 foot long metal breaker bar, that will smash open either...

unless you are storing diamonds, the deterrent is more than enough. more effort crooks will simply tow you away and cut open all this stuff...

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