1. Off road exploration!

    A day spent exploring in northern Alberta! Searching for whiskey jack lake! Check it out!
  2. A day in the trail, getting away from society!

    Video of a day out in the trail I think some people may enjoy! Fun and partly dangerous trip! Northern Alberta, Canada. hope you enjoy it!
  3. Photo Share! - First Post

    Hello All, I am a new Wrangler owner and member. Got my Jeep two months ago and wanted my first post to be special :) I got my first opportunity to take the Wrangler out last weekend so I brought my camera along. Note: Mine is the Sting-Gray. End of day bath:
  4. Off-roading Checklist

    I'm getting ready to do my first major cross country off-roading trip with my family in early July. We're planning on driving from MI to CO and spending 3 days in the Ouray/Telluride/Silverton area hitting all the beautiful mountain passes. My question is whether anyone has a good list of...
  5. Easy Sunday Wheeling

    So I spent a few hours Sunday doing some easy wheeling in the JL, enjoying a very unusual 57 degrees with almost no wind in Kansas. No crazy obstacles, just a nice quick jaunt through the area with some scenic views and different perspectives of the Jeep.
  6. 4H/4L Gang *Photos & Video Encouraged*

    This threads intended purpose is for photos/videos & discussion of owners having fun in 4H/4L which is the intended purpose of the JL/JLU Wrangler. Post up photos & video of your Wrangler getting it off-road! Lets see them!
  7. JL vs Water and Rocks

    This was filmed at Disney, OK and for those that have never been, this is definitely a place to put on the list. There is some very diverse terrain and a ton of open space to roam vs. just trails. The video is in 4K so you’ll pick out a few more details if you watch on a larger screen. Has...
  8. JL Off-roading Tips

    Given our forum audience there is either the group that has a ton of wheeling experience or beginners. More and more I am running into those for whom the JL is their first Jeep or they are new to wheeling. I have seen a few threads where people have asked about going off road or are curious...
  9. 2018 Crawl-4-Christ

    Hi All, Last weekend I was blessed to represent www.c4x4.com (an online-only off-road magazine) at the 2018 Crawl-4-Christ in Disney, Oklahoma. This is an annual off-roading and rock crawling event hosted by the United Christian Off-Road Alliance (www.ucora.org) that aims to raise money for...