1. Illinois UPR Oil Catch Can for 3.6 JL 80$

    Used for 10,000 miles on my wife’s MOAB. Her lease is up so I will be selling. Located in the Chicago suburbs (Naperville) if pickup . Will ship if paid before shipping. Thanks! Photos attached! 80$ plus UPS shipping.
  2. Do I need to regear if I get 34” tires on my 2 door Sport S

    Stuck between getting 33” tires and 34” tires but I don’t want to have to re-gear... I have a 2018 JL Sport S auto with a 2.0L turbo engine. If I get 34” tires, do I need to re-gear my Jeep?
  3. Is Superchips Necessary?

    I am installing 37” tires on a 2020 JLUR and wonder if I need to buy a superchips for recalibration. Years ago I went with large tires on a pickup and the speedometer was off by 8 mph. What is your opinion on the benefits of superchips? Is it worth it?
  4. 2020 Jeep Wrangler JLU Willys Edition

    Hi there, let me introduce to you, HINTO! My Ocean Blue metallic Jeep Wrangler JLU Willys Edition. The word “Hinto” is Native American (Sioux Dialect) for the word “Blue” which symbolizes strength and reliability. The jeep Willys is an American icon so i had no interest in purchasing any other...
  5. LITLEB3


  6. Any successful amazon orders?

    Just curious to hear if anyone has ordered any recommendable parts/accessories (any category) off amazon for their JL? I don’t always trust immediate reviews in case a part malfunctions after only several months use. We tryna ball on a budget here but only if it’s trustworthy otherwise I’ll...
  7. Best knock-off mod ever?

    I know there are definitely times to buy the real deal, but just like harbor freight , every once in awhile you can find some good stuff for cheap-whereas some of it lives up to the chinese made junk you expect. What's the best knock-off mod you ever bought for your jeep that surprised your...
  8. Suggested Mods for Expectant Father?

    My wife and I are expecting our first in the new year. Outside of the baby's car seat + base, seat protector/cover, and mirror, are there any internal modifications that you all would recommend to make life easier with a newborn/infant? Fortunately we have a JLU Sahara with the extra space over...
  9. Looking to mod soon

    I have a 18 JLU Sport S that is bone stock. I am hoping here in the up coming months to get some new goodies for the Jeep. I am looking at the Mopar 2" lift kit (people have advised this gives the sport and Sahara models close to 3" lift), a new front bumper and a winch. My questions comes down...
  10. Aftermarket Power Windows & Door Removal

    Hey Y'all! I had an aftermarket power window kit installed into my 2015 JK. I'm now living in warmer weather, which FINALLY allows me to be able to take my doors off and leave them off for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out how to take my doors off since the...
  11. How many projects do you have waiting?

    Have put on front and rear bumpers, lights, etc, but never get to the little stuff - second red hook for rear, light mount brackets, the cording for the fenders, winch plate, wheel locks, screen protector, LED Guard’s, and a dozen decals - procrastination at its finest


  13. What is this hood vent on Gladiator?

    What is this vent on the Gladiator’s hood? It looks to be in the same place as the snorkel cut out so I assume it’s for air intake. I think I’ve also seen it on a JL but can’t find it. What is it and can we get it? It looks awesome and if it improves air intake, I want it! :) Here’s the link to...
  14. Guy’s 2018 JL Rubicon 2.0t

    Build thread for my 2018 JL Rubicon 2.0t. I intend to keep this one for awhile and make ....just a few....mods. Here it is stock, with bumper wings removed: Starting off with practical mods to either aid in daily driving, or preparing the rig for off roading. First, some 35% ceramic tint for...
  15. Bestop not going to produce bikini top for JL until 2019?

    I was chatting with Northridge4x4 and they told me that they received word that Bestop is not going to produce a Bikini top for the JL until 2019. I am new to this world, just bought my first Wrangler (a JL sport S) and thought there would be more mods than there are. Kind of frustrated with...