jlu (4 door) hard top

  1. Buying my first Wrangler (Price Advice)

    Greeting everybody, This is my first post here and was hoping for some guidance on buying my first Wrangler. I've owned Grand Cherokees and Cherokees now I think Its time to step it up. I was in my local dealer this weekend and I was informed that they do not negotiate the MSRP of Wranglers...
  2. Remove air dam from 2021 JLU Willys?

    New member (insert Jeep Wave *here*) For the life of me I can't figure out how to remove the air dam from my 2021 Willys. Every single YouTube video I've watched has the brush guard plastic pins open so you can remove them very easily. With the Willys, the front bumper has small indentations in...
  3. Ohio Sold: 2020 Jeep JLU Black (non-painted) hard top for sale

    Black (non-painted) JLU hard top for sale. This is for the 4 door wrangler. Has factory headliners. Freedom panels and storage bag included. $1500 OBO Pick up in/near Waverly, OH
  4. 295/70R18 on 2.5" lift pics?

    I'm new here, but need help please I already bought 295/70R18 tires, only waiting the 2.5" lift kit to arrive (teraflex) with Falcon shocks 3.3 to get them installed all together. Im trying to visualise the looks of it, does any one have the same set up and can share pics? Attaching my car...
  5. California Four door Black painted hardtop to buy or trade texture and cash

    Looking to buy a black painted hardtop or trade texture top and cash. Looking for anywhere in Bay Area.
  6. Florida Sold: $2200 Painted Black Hardtop JLU w/panels 2018

    Painted black hardtop off of a 2018 JLU Sahara. Excellent conditionIncludes Freedom Panels, storage bag for panels, and manual hoist (if you want it). For sale in Central Florida, but if you want to cover shipping costs, we can probably work something out. $2200.
  7. North Carolina 2021 JLU Sport S Original Equipment Suspension Take Off New w/ only 30 miles $300

    I just had my suspension upgraded on my new 2021 JLU with only 30 miles on the suspension. Includes front and rear shocks, springs and control arms. Rear Shocks Part #68330205AB (x2) Front Shocks Part #68330204AD (x2) Rear Springs Part #68253588AA (x2) Front Springs Part #68253659AD (x2)...
  8. Ohio Sold: JLU hard top

    Hard top for JLU with mopar headliner only used during winter $1500.00