1. GI Johnston

    So I have always had a love of Jeeps. Started with CJ’s on tv as a kid and continued to grow. In 2010 my wife said no motorcycle but yes to a jeep finally. So I got a 2010 black JKU Sport. Had it for 11 years. No huge issues. Heater core and click spring. Got bump steer early so I started...
  2. Philly_'s 2022 JLR Build Thread

    Hi everyone, I know I am jumping the gun considering 2022 production hasn't started yet, but I am just too excited! I will do my best to keep the thread as detailed and organized as possible. To do this, I am planning to create an index in post #2 with links to the individual posts where I...
  3. Trade in Tacoma for a JLR?

    Anyone have any experience going from a Taco to JLR? I have a 2018 DCSB TRD O/R lifted, locked blah blah blah. Definitely LESS capable than a rubicon. Just ordered my wife a friggin PINK 2022 Rubicon 4xe. While at the dealership the manager asked me if I was interested in trading in my 2018...
  4. South Carolina Sold: 2019 JLR Sting Gray 16k miles wheels/lift/tires/winch/LED - Immaculate

    Hi folks, I am selling my 2019 JLR. My wife and I are growing our family and it is time to get a bigger vehicle. Absolutely loved my Jeep and it has been a blast to build but there will always be more. Somebody will get a great deal with this one. 2019 JL Rubicon 16,053 Miles 3.6L V6 w/8 speed...
  5. RH Aluminum Skid Plate JLR 2DR Install

    I know this is a loaded question, but I purchased the RH Aluminum Full Skid Plate a while ago and I am trying to decide if I still want to install it with the other aftermarket parts I have installed since purchasing it. It is currently still sitting on the pallet it was delivered on. This is...
  6. 2-Door Unicorn Poll

    Inspired by this thread, I created a poll to find the least common 2-door engine/drive-train combination.
  7. Wrikki


  8. Noah’s Garage

    Noah’s Garage

  9. Colorado Sold: 2018 JL Rubicon Wheels, Tires, TPMS - Denver - $850

    I have a set of five wheels, tires, TPMS, mounted and balanced with 8-9/32" tread remaining on all five available for sale. Three of the five wheels have marks on the edge as pictured. Note I forgot to take pictures of the fifth wheel, but it has no damage and has 8/32" of tread remaining...
  10. Multicam's Jeep

    Multicam's Jeep

  11. WIDO's garage

    WIDO's garage

  12. Stock


  13. Bolt On Accessories for JLR??!

    Not finding a ton of options for bolt on stuff for the steel rubicon bumper - any good resources or options?? Plenty of winches to choose from but when it comes to bolt on hoops and lightbars, I'm not seeing a ton of cool options just yet. Thanks y'all !
  14. DV8 Offroad JL Slim Fenders

    They have arrived! We have the first sets of our JL Slim Fenders (FDJL-02)!! - Fronts measure approximately 7-1/4" wide -Rears measure approximately 5" wide - Come with LED marker/ turn signal light -Full bolt on application NOTE: On JLs with the LED light package, the LED provided on the DV8...