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  1. ***Warning*** Artec Skid plate, possible fuel line issue?

    Just wanted to put this out there as a warning to be wary of this and inspect your fuel lines. In now way am I knocking @Artec however hopefully they can look into this issue further and possibly take some action. To my knowledge I haven't seen anyone else have this occur to them however it only...
  2. 2018 JLU

    2018 JLU

  3. Megatron Build 2018 JLUR

    Megatron Build 2018 JLUR

  4. Artec Industries tire delete install

    Tonight I installed the tire delete kit by Artec Industries. The install was pretty straight forward although there were absolutely no instructions provided. I took pictures along the way that I hope will help anyone else who may perform this same install. Here is the kit pre-install. Was...