1. RubiTrux and Richard Petty's Garage Cruise-In Event

    We are holding a Jeep Cruise-In event at Petty's Garage in Level Cross NC November 13th, 9:00a.m. - 2:00p.m. We are celebrating our exclusive partnership with Petty's Garage and want to show the Jeep community where our Powered By Petty's motors are built! Come check out their their shop...
  2. 392 Aux Fuel System Complete

    Well, at least a temporary solution… Since I am averaging under 12 MPG (seeing a therapist) and well under the typical 300 mile range most gas tanks are designed to accommodate, I needed to find a solution when in the Western outback to ensure a safe return to civilization. While the market is...
  3. Virginia Sold: AEV Onyx Wheels JL-$900

    5 wheels no Curb Rash, great wheel that hides dirt well.
  4. 392 Specific Lift Kits

    Spending a bit of time researching 392 capable lift kits. I initially considered a TeraFlex spacer lift for the short term fix to keep 37" tires from rubbing off road while waiting for the market to mature offerings for the 392. But with Clayton and MetalCloak already out there with 392 kits...
  5. Lift / suspension suggestions? Mopar vs AEV vs.. ?

    Just purchased my first Jeep and I am having a great time so far! I have been on a few trails and decided it was time to lift her. I have been looking around and found some local shops that gave me some good information but wanted to see what the communities opinion was. As I'm sure a lot of...
  6. Anyone manage to get an AEV bumper yet?!

    Has anyone managed to get their hands on AEV’s JL bumpers? They have a “lottery system” on their site where you’re randomly selected for the chance of buying a set (ridiculous). I know some are out there in the wild as they sell their conversions at some dealerships. I really just want the...
  7. AEV 2.5 vs ARB OME Heavy Load 2.5-3.5

    Hello, my first post here and I am hoping to get some feed back here for purchasing a new suspension kit for my 2018 Jeep JL 4 door. The two kits I am looking at are as follows. AEV 2.5 and the...
  8. Jim's Hangout

    Jim's Hangout

  9. Pennsylvania Sold: AEV Savegre Wheels P/N 2040301AB – 17” x 8.5” with TPMS $750

    Selling 5 Black AEV Savegre Wheels P/N 2040301AB – 17” x 8.5” with TPMS. I used the wheels on my Jeep JL but they are the JK version. I have switched to Method wheels making these available for sale. The wheels come with TPMS sensors. No curb rash but one has a small bend on a portion of its...
  10. OEM Steel Bumper vs. ARB Classic (and AEV)

    Hello all, I purchased my Rubi with the factory steel bumpers. Thought I would be content but one of those modification bugs has been flying around and pestering me. I would eventually like to add a winch (thinking Warn EVO 10) and two round lights on a grill guard. Safety is my #1 concern. My...
  11. AEV 2" Spacer Suspension Results

    Has anyone installed this spacer lift yet? I'm looking for any pictures, Pros /Cons, likes or Dislikes. I'm leaning toward this lift, because I am very happy with the Stock Rubicon Suspension, but I'd like to know some more first hand knowledge before I decide on the 2.5" Full Suspension Lift...
  12. Goose Gear x AEV '18 JLUR

    Goose Gear x AEV '18 JLUR

  13. AEV 2.0 Spacer for Rubicon

    Anyone have this installed and a review of their performance? I'd love to level out my Jeep (positive rake due to steel bumper and winch). I've heard good things about the AEV spacer on JKs... Thanks in advance!
  14. New Jersey AEV Procal Module 07-17 JK

    AEV Procal Module for Wrangler JK One owner, used once to set up Jeep and stored in box Ready to use, complete with box and all instructions $100.00 shipped Local pickup welcome
  15. New Mexico Sold: 2008 JKU 6.2L V8 430 HP GM L9H

    2008 Rescue Green JKU, 108241 current miles, ~70,000 on Engine and Transmission. Asking $34,900 Located in Santa Fe New Mexico. We will be in Moab Utah for Easter Jeep April 16-20. So much Power, So Fun to drive! MoTech V8 conversion Aug 2017.GM V8 6.2L L9H Vortec all aluminum Engine, GM 6-Speed...
  16. AEV JL products on the way... SEMA 2018

    These two pictures were posted on their facebook. Looks like we will get to see some of what they are putting out at SEMA next week. Really excited at the proposition of a stubby (potentially modular) from them as I have run most of their products on my old two door JK. I even chopped up an...
  17. Sahara WTS - Factory AEV Front Bumper

    I want to sell my Factory AEV (American Expedition Vehicles) Front Bumper. This is the JK Tubeless Front Bumper version. This is as new and came off my my 2017 Wrangler JK, which is less than a year old. Key Features: • Auxiliary light mounts • 2 stage paint process • Polyester textured...
  18. Gobi Garage

    Gobi Garage

  19. Detailed Look At The AEV Brute - Might give some hints at the JT

    Came across this vid on Youtube today with them interviewing Dave Harriton of AEV and discussing the AEV Brute in detail and how it was designed. I think it might give some hints on what to expect with the upcoming JT: Really cool to see the details of everything.