37 inch

  1. TeraFlex 3.5" lift on 37s. JLUR. Good choice?

    Was originally looking into a Mopar 2" lift but I always hear people just end up upgrading from that and it's just not that great. Thoughts on the TF 3.5" Base lift with 9550 shocks? My Rubicon is pretty much stock with the exception of my 17x9s (4.5 BS) and 37x12.50s, which aren't going on...
  2. Florida 5-315/70/17 Cooper STT Pros Tires $1000 local

    5-315/70/17 Cooper STT Pros Great tires. 4 have been used fro 10,000 miles. 5th tire has never hit the road. Looking to step up to 37". Located in Jacksonville. $1000. Tires have never been punctured. There are no plugs. General wear.
  3. Atturo Trail Blade Boss - Any feedback?

    I have some Atturo tires on my Charger and they're a great performance tire, especially for the price. Was curious if anyone has any experience with their M/T Trail Blade Boss tires at all? https://atturo.com/tire/Trail-Blade-Boss-37x12.50R17LT/TBBO-J5QE7AFA/6769
  4. Traverse HD Wheel Program NEW LAUNCH 52offroad

    We have just launched a new wheel for the JL community! The new Traverse HD comes in hub centric fitment for the JL in 17x8.5 et0 5x5 fitment. Available in both Asphalt Black and Block Bronze. All Traverse wheels come with our new Rock Ring to protect your valve stems against any pesky rock...
  5. 37" Ko2's with no lift?

    Anyone know if you can fit a 37" Ko2 without a lift on a Rubicon considering its small for a 37" tire. Only actually measures to 35.5". Curious if this is possible on factory rims due to factory backspacing. Off roading would be extremally rare for me. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
  6. 37’s on a JLUS

    Just purchased a JLU sport S and I would like to get the skyjacker 3.5-4” lift kit with their black max shocks. I also wanted some 37s cooper STT pros to go with it. I’m still undecided whether or not to get that size since I have a manual. Even though I’m gonna offroad it, the jeep it’s still...
  7. anyone running 37’s yet??

    Anyone running on 37’s yet? If so, what adjustments do you need to make? Currently have 35’s but I’m highly considering taking the jump to 37’s on my lifted Rubicon