1. Arkansas Sold: WTB Premium Twill Soft Top (Black, 4 door)

    Located in Bryant (Central Arkansas). I am already regretting not just ordering the dual top group with our Jeep. If anyone is sitting on a new or slightly used premium twill top in black (82215146AB), let me know. Would be willing to drive a few hours for a good deal.
  2. Texas Sold: Trektop NX Premium Soft Top - $950 (Dallas Area)

    This top was purchased new for $1349. Was on my JL Unlimited WIlly for less than 2 months before I removed it and traded in my Wrangler for a Gladiator. Has been stored for 2 months in the garage. All parts are there. Local pickup only. Located in McKinney Tx
  3. Pennsylvania Sold: Premium Mopar Black JL (2 door) soft top $1200

    Finally Trading in my 2door JL for a 4Xe so i need to get rid of my premium MOPAR soft top. Top was purchased from dealer, less than 2 years old. Original price $2,200. Used less than 8 months total (have hard top) Garage kept, like new. Top and all components available (See pictures) in...
  4. New Jersey Sold: Premium Twill Soft Top For Sale 2dr JL

    Sold my 2DR JL and looking to sell the Mopar premium twill soft top (OEM) that came with the vehicle and was used during summers only. During the winters I replaced it with the hard top. Asking $1,000 while a brand new twill premium soft top from Mopar is $2,100.
  5. California Sold: 2018-2021 Premium TWILL Jeep JLU (4dr) soft top $1200

    Brand new, hasn’t even been unwrapped from packaging yet. Originally $2800. Selling for less than half the price! In Southern California. Can deliver if needed. For sale $1200
  6. Maryland Sold: SOFT TOP - Premium Twill with Tinted Windows

    I bought a brand new Premium Twill Soft Top with Tinted Windows for my JLU. This is the upgraded soft top (Not the sail cloth). I used the top for about a month and half and decided to go back to my hard top. The top is in excellent shape, it's just been sitting in storage since being taken off...
  7. North Carolina Sold: SOLD—Bestop Trektop Twill - Price Drop

    I’ve decided to sell my Bestop Trektop. It is the twill fabric and was on my JLUR for about 6 months. Decided to go back to the hard top. The top is in good condition with a couple faint scratches on the passenger rear window. The scratches are so faint, they won’t show up in pictures. The...
  8. North Carolina Brand New 4 door twill soft top

    I have for sale a brand new twill soft top from my 2020 rubicon. 4 door with tinted windows. Top is still in box. Asking $1800
  9. Maryland Sold: Still looking for Bestop 2 piece doors in Twill for JLU

    Looking to buy a used set of Bestop 2 piece doors for a JL Unlimited. All 4 doors in Twill. I am willing to drive roughly 5 hours to pick them up if your not willing to ship them. I will pay up to $1200 depending on condition and distance. No Black Diamond, I have a Premium soft top. Serious...
  10. Texas Sold: Mopar OEM Twill Soft Top $1,200

    I have a new OEM twill Soft top for sale. Located in Dallas, TX pick up only. Asking $1,200 OBO. Since I don't have the box it came in I have attach pictures to show that every piece is there.
  11. Texas Sold: FS: JLU premium soft top (Austin) -$1250

    Premium twill soft top in great condition. Two surface scratches on rear corners of top from vibration when top is laid back shown in up close pictures. Tinted windows are in great shape, very light scratches from normal use. Comes with Bestop window and top cleaner and rag top brush. Will...

    Price: $1600 Premium black twill w/tinted windows. Purchased in 2018, but never used. Parts/windows are still in factory boxes, and the actual soft top is in an OEM Velcro cover. Local pickup/delivery within Colorado.
  13. Tennessee Bestop Trektop NX Soft Top for 18-20 Jeep Wrangler JL 2-Door

    Bestop All-New Trektop NX Soft Top for 18-20 Jeep Wrangler JL 2-Door in twill material with tinted windows. Only had it on the Jeep since June and bought it brand new. Good condition and I have all hardware and an electronic copy of installation instructions. The great part is, most of it is...
  14. Connecticut Sold: Bestop Black Twill Sunrider

    Hi there JLWranglerForum Members! I’m selling Bestop Black Twill Sunrider, pictures are provided below - original box hardware and manuals included with purchase. Price: $550 Location: 06811 (Danbury CT) Thank you :)
  15. New York Sold: sold

  16. WTB: JLU Soft Top - Black with Tinted Windows

    Looking to purchase a Black JLU Soft Top with Tinted Windows. In the Philadelphia area, but willing to drive for the right deal.
  17. New York Sold: FS: NY/NJ/CT - JLU OEM Mopar Tinted Twill Soft Top - Brand New

    Hi JLWranglerForum Members! I’m selling a Brand New Mopar OEM Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (4 Door) Premium Black Tinted Twill Soft Top in the original box - never used it! Price: $1,800 *$1650 Location: Staten Island, NY (10314) Thank You!
  18. WTB soft top

    Looking for a JLU top must have tinted windows. Willing to travel a few hundred from 52411.
  19. Soft Top decission: MOPAR sailcloth or Twill or Trektop NX

    I have a 2019 JL Rubi 2-door with a hard top. Trying to plan ahead for when its not 30 degrees out and cloudy i'm trying to figure out what kind of soft top i want to get. When i had a 97 wrangler there was one choice, BestTop and it was much less than $1K. Now looking online i believe i...