1. What's Next?

    I thought this could be a cool thread where anyone could post their jeep and anyone could offer up ideas as to what the next build or part could be! Might be cool for people looking for inspiration, ideas, or just a way to feed your dreams/imagination for the next project! Fire away!
  2. Colorado 2021 Rubicon wheels and 33” BFG K02s. Takeoffs at 2000 miles for $1000

    Hi Friends, you know the deal. Man buys Jeep, Man gets Jeep lifted, Man gets much bigger tires and new wheels, Man gets broke... They typical Just Empty Every Pocket story. These takeoffs have 2000 miles on them. That’s how long it took to get my lift kit and new tires. So all you Sport and...
  3. New JL wheels/tires/fenders/lift kit numbers overload

    So, I have a brand new 2021 JL coming from the factory in about a month. In preparation, I have fallen down the rabbit hole of browsing jeep parts. I spent 3 days looking at jeep bumper stickers alone. So much fun. So excited. But since I don't have it in hand yet, I can't go out and...
  4. Help Me Choose New Tires

    These are the choices I have narrowed it down to because I can get either for less than $250/tire. If you want to propose other tires please provide a link to where they are on sale for less than $250/tire. Thanks! More info on the tires...
  5. Flush Fitments?

    Hey! Just wondering if any wheels exist that allow the Jeep to keep a flush fitment, I don't really like the aggressive stance look and am really just looking to put 33s on 17s for my Sahara. If you know any wheels like that or have any suggestions please drop some below, thanks!
  6. Maryland (4) 2020 JLU Willys 17” Wheels/Tires

    FS: Stock Moab black wheels and 255/75 17 Firestone Destination tires mounted NO TPMS from a 2020 Willys. Set of 4 with less than 5K miles ... like new. In the DC/MD area. Looking for $1000 OBO.
  7. Virginia 5 Goodyear Wrangler Tires

    $600 OBO Location: Alexandria, VA (local pick-up) 5 Tires: Goodyear Wrangler Kevlar Size: 255/70/R18 Used for 14k miles.
  8. California SoCal set of 5 Rubicon Take-offs in Orange County

    These are about 15000 miles and hardly offroaded. No tpms as I am using them with current setup. Comes with original lug nuts and the lock. wheels are in pristine condition. Jeep belongs to wife and she had been doing mostly mall crawling with these. 800 OBO
  9. Do I need to regear if I get 34” tires on my 2 door Sport S

    Stuck between getting 33” tires and 34” tires but I don’t want to have to re-gear... I have a 2018 JL Sport S auto with a 2.0L turbo engine. If I get 34” tires, do I need to re-gear my Jeep?
  10. Virginia 5 Dick Cepek Trail Country EXP tires - LT 285/70R17

    5 Dick Cepek Trail Country EXP tires - LT 285/70R17 Ran for approximately 2 years before upgrading to 35s. Tread depth measures 14/32 on 4 and 17/32 on the spare (new is 18.5/32 and minimum is 3/32) so plenty of life left on these tires Rotated with every oil change, so even wear and no...
  11. Virginia 5 JL Stock wheels and tires, basically new.

    5 Stock wheels and Michelin LTX MS/2 tires from my Wrangler JL. Wheels are plasti-dipped black and the tires are pretty much new with less than 4k miles on them. Tires are 245/75/17 and again, have no damage and basically no tread wear. Perfect if ya need new tires in this size or need...
  12. California 2019 Rubicon: OEM BFG Wheels & Tires ($850)

    I have 5 rims and tires with just over 6,000 miles on them. The rims are in excellent condition, and the tires are too, just the normal wear from the miles. All of the miles have been on the paved road. I am looking to purchase new aftermarket rims and tires. I am located in Orange County...
  13. Best Wheel/Tire setup for 2020 JLUS

    I purchased my first Jeep last summer and would like some input on wheel and tires sizes. I use my Jeep mainly for street driving but go off-roading a few times every month in mud, rocks, snow, etc. I want a 3.5 inch lift and I’m also trying to decide between 35 and 37 inch tires but don’t know...
  14. What's everyone running for road PSI's?

    Hey! So I thought I'd throw this question out into the ether. What's everyone running for road PSI's? I currently have been running mine at about 37-38psi as recommended spec according to the door placard. But I've heard people running it lower. I find it's quite stiff however and I'm on-off...
  15. North Carolina FS: Five 2019 Rubicon Wheels and Tires - 5,600 miles

    I’m doing a little 2021 upgrade on my 2019 Rubi and will no longer need the Tires/Wheels which have approximately 5,600 miles on the tires. Never off roaded and garage kept. Spare never used. Asking $950 Local pickup only (Charlotte area). 5 x BF Goodrich LT285/70R17 All Terrain 5 x Rubicon...
  16. California 2018 Jeep Rubicon JL set of 5 factory wheels with BF Goodrich K02

    $1000 OBO - Located in San Francisco: 2018 Jeep Rubicon JL set of 5 factory wheels with BF Goodrich K02, 20k highway miles. Include a complete set of Jeep factory lug nuts. *All 5 Jeep Rubicon wheels are in excellent condition (includes the 5th full size spare) *All 5 tires BFgoodrich KO2 are in...
  17. Cupped Tires on 2018 JLUR. Shock Problem?

    Hello, I own a 2018 Jeep JL Rubicon Unlimited. I owned the car for about a year before I decided to install 35x12.5x17r BFG KM3’s. I did what I thought was enough research to spend the money on them and avoid the cost of getting a lift kit. After about a year and 25k miles, the two front tires...
  18. Texas Tires ... Nitro Ridge Grapplers

    35x12.50R20, 5 tires, only 10,000 miles, rotated once including the spare, moving to 37s ... $1000 or best offer. Greater Houston, TX area.
  19. Arizona JL Sport S Rims and Tires - $400

    Gilbert, Arizona Selling a set of tires off a Sport S. Only 1786 miles on them. Willing to consider all offers. Local Pick up Only.
  20. California Bridgestone dueler! 255/70/r18

    Hey just bought my jeep few days ago, and I want to get rid of these tires they have about 650 miles on the basically new. I have 5 of them looking for 150 each obo. I’m in Los Angeles area. I can ship but it will be pricey.