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  1. Washington WTB Sahara LED Fender Flares - Sting Gray

    If anyone is thinking about going after market flares and want to sell a set of the lower mount Sahara LED fender flares, let me know!
  2. Oregon Swap Black Grille for Sting Gray

    Looking to trade my brand new black grille from my 21 Willys for a Sting Gray
  3. Ohio WTB Sting-Gray Half Doors W/ Premium Uppers

    Looking to purchase Sting-Gray Half Doors W/ Premium Uppers I am Located in NE Ohio, If anyone is interested in selling please let me know! TYIA Johnny
  4. Ohio Factory Half doors (4 Door Sting Gray)

    Long shot here. If anyone is looking to sell I'd be interested.
  5. What size/style Jeep logo for a Boomerang hard shell tire cover?

    So, admittedly I'm a bit OCD about this. And I did try to search to see if this had been covered before here. Maybe I still missed it. Having had a white, body color-matched hard shell tire cover for my JKU for 10 years, I wanted a hard shell tire cover to match my 2020 Sting Ray Rubicon. The...
  6. KC Hilites Gravity Pro 6 Bracket

    I just received my KC Hilites Gravity Pro 6 light bar. And Not digging the black A post brackets. Has anyone had them re-powder coated to gray? If so what gray was used used and do you have any pictures? I need to match Sting Gray as close as possible. Or any other colors would be cool to see...
  7. Texas 2018 JLU Rubicon Sting Gray with lots of mods!

    Hi all! For sale is my 2018 JLU Rubicon in Sting Gray. This is my third Jeep and has been my pride and joy for the last year or so. I was planning on keeping this car for a long time which is why I have invested a lot of money/time/bloodsweatandtears into this car to make it highly capable on...
  8. Huck's '21 Diesel Rubicon Build

    Welcome to my build page, I am happy to be back in a Jeep again! Since selling my Gecko Green JK Sport on 37s back in 2016, I have had two YJs that I trailered around to offroad parks here in Texas. However, I will be moving to Washington State and won't have room for a trailer and second car...
  9. California WTB Sting Gray Fender Flares And Hard Top for JL

    Looking to buy rubicon sting gray fender flares or a sting gray hard top for my JL. Willing to drive a decent amount or pay for shipping (for fenders). Also willing to trade for my black fenders and black hard top + cash. I am frequently in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles so can work...
  10. Oklahoma Sold: 2019 JLUR 2.0T 14k Miles Sting Gray (over $20k in upgrades) $54k OBO

    Selling my 2019 JLUR 2.0T Sting Gray on 37’s with only 14k miles. Over $16k in dealer installed upgrades plus another $4k in additional upgrades. This thing is a beast of a rig and turns some heads. I get the famous “hey, nice jeep” almost every single time I go anywhere. Besides a recent crack...
  11. Michigan JLU Painted Sting Gray Fender Flares

    WTB painted sting gray fender flares for my 2021 JLUS. In the metro-Detroit area, but willing to travel within the midwest. Thanks!
  12. South Carolina Sold: 2019 JLR Sting Gray 16k miles wheels/lift/tires/winch/LED - Immaculate

    Hi folks, I am selling my 2019 JLR. My wife and I are growing our family and it is time to get a bigger vehicle. Absolutely loved my Jeep and it has been a blast to build but there will always be more. Somebody will get a great deal with this one. 2019 JL Rubicon 16,053 Miles 3.6L V6 w/8 speed...
  13. Upgraded OEM halogen headlights to Oracle Oculus with Halo on JLU

    Recently upgraded my OEM halogen headlights on my JLU to LEDs. I decided to go with the Oculus Bi-LED Projector Headlights by Oracle Lights. Installation was extremely easy and straight forward. Like many i’m sure, prior to purchasing these headlight I researched on Youtube several reviews and...
  14. Ryno Rubicon

    Ryno Rubicon

  15. Brutus - 2 door Rubicon

    Let me preface this with saying that this is my first Jeep and this is a whole new world to me. That being said, I love this thing so much and wish I had found the Jeep world sooner. The possibilities, the community, the capability...the list goes on and on. Here is 'Brutus' in stock form right...
  16. Jolene The Parallax JLUR

    Jolene The Parallax JLUR

  17. HarleysNGuns Rubicon Recon

    HarleysNGuns Rubicon Recon

  18. Photo Share! - First Post

    Hello All, I am a new Wrangler owner and member. Got my Jeep two months ago and wanted my first post to be special :) I got my first opportunity to take the Wrangler out last weekend so I brought my camera along. Note: Mine is the Sting-Gray. End of day bath:
  19. Rubicawn's Garage

    Rubicawn's Garage

  20. Gunmetal Stinggray

    Gunmetal Stinggray