1. Smittybilt Stryker Rear Bumper License Plate Options

    Is anyone running the Smittybilt Stryker rear bumper? I would like to use this LoD license plate relocation kit since I do not want to relocate the plate to the spare tire...
  2. Brian's garage

    Brian's garage

  3. Smittybilt RTT install on KC HiLites M-Rack!

    I’ve recently installed a smittybilt over lander roof top tent on a KC HiLites M-Rack, on my wife’s Jeep JLUR! Looks killer and works fantastic! Check out the install!
  4. Synthetic winch line Pro’s and Install smittybilt XRC 9500

    Little video I put together of a synthetic line upgrade on my Smittybilt XRC 9500, with a few pros to the upgrade.
  5. Synthetic winch line pros

    So I’ve recently did an upgrade to my winch by adding a synthetic line. I’ll link the video; at the first of the video I discuss a few of the pros of running a synthetic line that I think everyone should consider! Very safety related, so please check it out! After the talk in the DIY so please...
  6. KC M-Rack and a roof top tent

    Just wondering if anyone has used a KC M-Rack to mount a roof top tent? And if so how it held up? I have one coming along with a pro6 bar, and I had a smittybilt over lander tent I want to mount to it.
  7. New Rear Bumper

    Just installed my Smittybilt SRC Gen 2 rear bumper. Took my time, had to move parking sensors from OE bumper to steel bumper, so a good 4 hours, but good therapy from work! Installation went fine. Good instructions. Damn that bumper is heavy as compared to OE bumper Just not sure about license...
  8. California New Smittybilt Stryker Front Bumper w/ Wings - $450

    Purchased for a project build, but there were a couple scratches. Nothing big, but it wouldn’t work for what I was doing. My loss is your gain. Normally $800 retail for the bumper and wings and I’m selling for $450 to get it out of my garage. Never installed. Only opened the box to inspect...
  9. Ohio Smittybilt Coyote Tan Seat Cover with Molle Bags - $60

    Seat cover was on my JL for a new condition. Comes with six modular (molle) bags. PM me if interested- retail is $110...I will let it go for $60.
  10. Which bumper is better in your opinion?

    Hey guys and gals... I'm trying to figure out which bumper to purchase for my JL. I've narrowed down my search to three. What do you guys think of these bumpers? Has anyone ever purchased them? Im thinking of going the Mopar steel route but I saw the brands Red rock and barricade.They seem to...
  11. Trying to decide on a sunshade

    Looking at two different sun shades. Narrowed it down to the alien shade or the smittybilt extended shade top with skylight. Has anyone tried the smittybilt one yet? Can’t seem to find any reviews on it yet. A little nervous about buying it without seeing anyone else’s opinion on it.
  12. Smittybilt Apollo Sliders with step, 2 door JL

    Just wanted to show off some pictures of the Apollo Rock Sliders with step. When I was doing my research it was very difficult to find any pictures of these installed on a 2 door. I decided to take a leap and try them out. One of the (bad) pictures I snapped is beside my JLUR for comparison.
  13. Georgia New in Box Smittybilt 77807 XRC Gen2 Front Bumper $400

    Located in Alpharetta, GA. Brand new in box. Heavy as hell, so pickup is necessary. I’ll help you load it up. $400
  14. Smittybilt FLASH SALE - Sat-Sun 8-24/25 Only!

    Smittybilt Flash Sale alert! For a limited time, get a Smittybilt 10 gal CO2 Air System for only $219.99. Savings of $135! Or, get a Smittybilt R.A.D. Rapid Air Deflator for only $19.99. Savings of $15...
  15. Smittybilt 1071 Cab Cover For JL?

    Anybody using the Smittybilt 1071 cab cover for their JL? I thought about waiting for the raingear to get back in stock but the Smitty looks fairly nice and just looking for a way to cover while I’m at work and keep the dust and occasional rain shower protection. Any thoughts?
  16. What mod are you MOST proud of?! Pics welcome!!

    Share a pic or two of your build (no matter how far along) and highlight your favorite mod/upgrade! Mine was a dead heat between my front bumper and tubular doors, but now I'm partial to my (almost) 35's (they were installed today!). P.s. Feel free to provide a list of all your upgrades/mods...
  17. EQ_JLUR


  18. 2018 Black Friday Sales will be AWESOME!

    2018 Black Friday sales at Northridge4x4 will be off the hook this year! Screaming deals on tons of products and even some special deals that will not be available from any other suppliers... oh yeah, this is happening, take advantage of it while you can. ;) We can't release a list of all the...
  19. Cams garage

    Cams garage