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  1. Virginia Spider webshade

    This is the one piece webshade for the 4 door JLU. No tears or anything in great shape. $90 shipped
  2. Virginia Spider webshade

    This is the one piece webshade for the 4 door JLU. No tears or anything in great shape. $90 shipped
  3. Help with Brake Booster !!

    Hey guys, so lately my brake pedal on my 18 Wrangler Sport has been squeaking, not crazy bad but enough to be a little annoying. So I was already going into the dealer today to get an oil change and asked if they could give it a look. They said the issue is the grommet that goes to my brake...
  4. Anyone try Motobilt underbelly skids on 2021 JLUR?

    I missed the disclaimer that Motobilt's JLU underbelly skids don't fit the 2021 as Jeep made some change to their engine mount until after I had primed ours (ie, no return option). I think Motobilt offers the best steel skid option out there, so want to see if I can modify the brackets or have...
  5. Wisconsin Sold: WTB Toplift Pro

    Located in Wisconsin and looking to buy a Toplift Pro. I'm willing to drive up to 3 hours away to pick up, so Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, or Michigan would all be fair game...or if you're willing to ship, that's also an option. Please message me if you have one you're looking to part with. Thanks!
  6. Florida JLU Sport w/ 2 in lift and 35’s Photos?

    I’ve got a JLU Sport with the 2.0 4Cyl that I’m currently running 33’s no lift. I’m really considering doing a 2 in lift and 35’s but want to see some pics of that combo. I’m also wondering if the lift and 35’s would require me to regear or would it be fine? Thoughts/experience/photos...
  7. 2018 JLU Rubicon: Stop Safely Vehicle Will Shut Off Soon

    I neee some advice on what to do next. See console message I received before my jeep shut down on the road. My anger over the last 3 years has escalated and culminated in my jeep shutting down on Saturday in the middle of the road. I knew that being an early adopter of the first run of the JLU...
  8. Pennsylvania Sold: JLU Premium Black Twill Soft Top Tinted Windows 4DR (PA/NJ/DE) $1100.

    We just turned in our 2018 Wrangler JLU lease, so I have the soft top for sale. For JLU (Unlimited/4-Door). Premium MOPAR Twill. Black with tinted windows. Very Good / Excellent condition. Only used from June-October and stored inside during the winter months. All bolts and brackets included...
  9. Missouri Black Textured Hard Top For Sale JLU $1300 Saint Louis

    Hello! I am selling a black textured Hard Top off of a 2018 JLU Wrangler Sport S. It has the windows tinted (from the factory) and the rear defrost. I bought this top off of another forum member and I never used the rear defrost or wiper as my Jeep came with a soft top only. It has a few...
  10. Dead Battery JLU 2018

    Just replaced this battery at 22,000 miles and I’m at 24,000 now. I woke up 3 mornings in a row to a dead battery. I charged it up and went to get alternator tested and battery tested and all is great. What the heck is draining my battery? Start/stop service system
  11. 8-Speed Automatic Question

    I just recently purchased my first Jeep JL 4dr Willys. And for the most part absolutely LOVE it. My Gf also purchased a Willys and having driven both through different parts of our community, I notice that mine tends to hold itself in 7th gear longer at 70-80 mph…obviously impacting fuel...
  12. First Jeep..First Build...2018 JLUS Help

    ‘18 JLU Sport.. Bought a 3.5-4” suspension lift. Bought 17x9 fuel vapors w 37/12.50r17 Ko2’s.. It’s an Automatic, 8 spd.. I know it is going to be sluggish. And my application / use is going to be strictly on road until warranty is up.. Do I NEED to regear? If so to what size? Do I NEED a beefy...
  13. JLU Enabling DRL

    We purchased LED FRT Turn lights to be able to have DRL. We have attempted to program the DRL's with our TaZer Lite. However, nothing is happening. We found another thread that gave us the order to program it, and we followed the instructions. Still nothing. Are we missing something? We read...
  14. Buying my first Wrangler (Price Advice)

    Greeting everybody, This is my first post here and was hoping for some guidance on buying my first Wrangler. I've owned Grand Cherokees and Cherokees now I think Its time to step it up. I was in my local dealer this weekend and I was informed that they do not negotiate the MSRP of Wranglers...
  15. California -DELETE-

  16. Tire Carrier help

    Currently I am using the rugged ridge tire mount and a hinge brace with the 35inch tire. I'm looking for a good tire carrier that I don't have to do hinges on just yet. Also very much need to fix the bump stops. Does anyone have any suggestions for this i was looking at the terraflex one but i...
  17. Virginia 5 Goodyear Wrangler Tires

    $600 OBO Location: Alexandria, VA (local pick-up) 5 Tires: Goodyear Wrangler Kevlar Size: 255/70/R18 Used for 14k miles.
  18. California FS: Stock OEM Wheels + Tires + TPMS // Balanced & Ready to Mount

    Selling my stock OEM JLU unlimited wheels with practically brand new tires on them. Took off these stock wheels with 10 miles on the car. Located in Orange County, CA. Asking $1200.
  19. California Sold: SoCal set of 5 Rubicon Take-offs in Orange County

    These are about 15000 miles and hardly offroaded. No tpms as I am using them with current setup. Comes with original lug nuts and the lock. wheels are in pristine condition. Jeep belongs to wife and she had been doing mostly mall crawling with these. 800 OBO
  20. Pennsylvania ISO: JLU soft top - Near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

    I just got my first jeep in september, yay! I’m searching for a soft top to swap out with my hard top for the summertime. I have a 2021 JLU. I’m able to travel within 3ish hours. Preferably twill, but open to other options!