1. Florida Rubicon "Redical" Dash Panels (Lake Worth, FL)

    2022 Rubicon "Redical" dash panels in perfect shape with no blemishes. Removed from a 2022 JL Rubicon inside of it's first month. Fits all Wrangler (JL) & Gladiator (JT) models, 2018 to current. Will need to swap the vents from your current dash into these panels before install. Currently...
  2. California JLU Dash - Driver/ Passenger

    OEM Mopar Jeep Wrangler JL Dash Panels Will fit 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022. Part #: 6AB19SD5AA Part #: 6AB27SD5AD Will need to be sanded and re-painted Does not come with air vents. You can reuse from your old dash. Make an Offer including shipping from SoCal.
  3. Custom Hydro Dipped Topography Dash Panels

    I painted my last Jeep dash. It was a 2020 White Gladiator, and I painted it white to match. I was happy with it, but I wanted to try something different this time around on my JL. Super pumped about my new Hydro Dipped dash on my Jeep. I went with a topography style that I felt matched the...
  4. North Carolina Dash Panels

    I'm looking for anyone old dash panels from their JL. I want to get rid of my leather panels and get either the grey ones or the red ones to wrap. I'm willing to trade my leather for any hard ones.
  5. Metra JP-1014 Under dash Speaker Pods Upgrade For Jeep Wrangler JL

    Metra JP-1014 Replacement Speaker Pods Upgrade For Jeep Wrangler JL. These are the speaker pods that go under the dash for those that want to upgrade to bigger speakers up to 6.5 inch speakers. I had these in my jeep. I had some Rockford Fosgate 6.5 components in them. They are in great...
  6. California Sold: OEM Rubicon JL red dash

    Selling my red dash In prestine condition No scratches I was super careful removing it when I replaced it with the black leather and red stitching dash No broken tabs, no missing tabs $200 picked up in San Diego or $240 shipped
  7. Tennessee WTB Black Leather Dash with Red Stitching

    Looking to buy outright or to trade my 2020 red rubicon dash plus cash.
  8. Dash padded part identification

    I've been looking through all of the Mopar parts sites and drawings to find the part number for this padded piece around the temperature controls on my 2018 JL Sport. I can find almost all of the other parts in the drawings but not this piece. Any ideas?
  9. Texas Jeep JL aftermarket parts- led headlights, led tails, led fogs, Lang Hoist, & more

    I've sold my 2020 Jeep JLUR. I had big dreams for the rig. Now I only have parts. Only a few parts left. Let me know if you want anything. I'm in Houston. Rubicon Red Tow hooks (2 front, 1 rear, and hardware)- $95 shipped Gray dash panels (great for color matching without downtime)- $160...
  10. Georgia Sold: Silver Dash Panels

    Replaced my wife’s Sport S dash panels with Rubicon panels, so have the silver panels for sale. Perfect shape, took off with less than 1k miles. Looking for $150 + shipping. PM me if interested.
  11. Maryland Sold: Silver Dash $135 including shipping

    $135 shipped Silver Dash I swaped my dash out to a painted Mojito dash so my original silver dash is up for sale. Excellent condition. I bought a silver dash from another member, took those to the paint shop and had them painted Mojito and then took my originals out and installed the new Mojito...
  12. Lucky Devil - Bright White Unlimited Rubicon EcoDiesel (JLURD)

    Last updated: 5/4/2021 First, an introduction. My name is Matt. I currently live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, but I consider Colorado my home. I’m a military brat and military veteran, so I’ve lived and traveled in many places. I love the mountains, and I can’t imagine living anywhere...
  13. New York Sold: Grey Dash for sale... $149 shipped

    Came out of a 19 JLUR with about 4k miles and non smoker. Panels are perfect, no broken tabs. $149 shipped US. Part #s: 6AB27SD5AD, 6AB19SD5AA
  14. Dash Accessory Dock with Custom USB Outlet

    This is an older version of this project. For an updated version (more pictures, fewer words), check out my build journal here. This is a write-up on how I installed my dash-mounted wireless charging phone cradle and dual USB outlet. Note that I used a USB outlet housing that I designed...
  15. Colorado Sold: SOLD: Grey dash panels

    2020 brand new Jeep Grey / gray dash panel take offs. No imperfections, no broken tabs, no missing clips, build date 01/23/2020. $175 shipped SOLD Part numbers: 6AB27SD5AD - grey airbag door 6AB19SD5AA - grey instrument panel
  16. Gear Swapped to 4.88 via 4WP now rear locker light blinks

    So I just got my Jeep regeared yesterday and I have a slight issue. Whenever I start the Jeep the rear locker light blinks on the dash. Not like a service warning but like it’s engaging or disengaging when you normally press it. It isn’t though (its not locked), and the blinking goes away on its...
  17. What carbon fiber products would you like to see

    A good friend of mine currently runs a carbon fibre and fibreglass factory. I asked him the other day if he could custom make certain parts for me (with personal touches), we then started to discuss what items could actually be carbon fiberized. So he’ll needed to 3D scan it, make...
  18. Cup holder trim piece

    Installed a silver center console cup holder trim piece. It looks factory and matches perfectly. I wasn’t a huge fan of the blank black space that is there around the upper trim of the cup holders. Ordered it on eBay for around $13.00 and it took about a week and a half to get to Texas. I may...
  19. Relay Clicking Near Drivers Side Kick Panel

    Hi All - I bought my 2018 JLUR Rubicon around June of 2018. I've had my share of miscellaneous issues, uConnect Hell, Rear Window Defrost wires breaking off multiple times. However, this is a new one for me. I have a clicking sound, sounds very much like a relay under the front drivers...
  20. Washington Gray Dash (Swap for Factory Vinyl or Sale $250 + ship)

    Looking to swap or sell the gray factory dash. Timing of this will be mid-to-late April once Jeep is delivered. For swap - Interested in the vinyl-wrapped black option that comes with the factory leather. Would likely include some cash back in the exchange if the dash is in good shape or new...