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May 16, 2021
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JL 2dr stingray stick
I would change the oil at 5k. The first oil change should be after the first few thousand miles. It is considered a break in oil change. There will be wear particles in the oil.
When I worked the field for an oilfield company, I was in charge of a fleet of industrial engines among other things.
I had routine oil analysis performed on all of the engines and other equipment.

An oil analysis on a new engine would always flag high metal content and sometimes a few other things.
So yes, do your new Jeep engine a favor and change the oil at 5K the first time.

I change the oil on my vehicles and other toys myself as well. The suggestion above about documenting the oil change and saving receipts is a good one.

If the vehicle is new, I often let the dealer do the first oil change so that it is documented by them just in case.
If you keep a journal on the Jeep. Make sure that you note that the dealer did the oil change along with the date & mileage.
I wouldn't trust the dealer actually did the oil change . FCA claims there is no need for an early oil change but I always do one with a new car . I did mine at 1300 miles and now I am doing it when the oild change indicator reaches about 80 % but that's of course very personal decision and doing it at the computer suggested time is probably just fine.

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