Manual or Automatic for Offroading


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Apr 8, 2018
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If you are running larger tires, the computer will disable ESS around 45mph, which also knocks out the back up cam. This is due to the speedometer not being corrected for the larger tires. When I marry the Tazer and correct for tire size, this does not happen. So, you'll need either a Tazer, Superchip, AEV, or dealer program/programmer to make the correction and the problem will be solved.
Unfortunately I as well have corrected the tire size and the gear ratio with the tazer but still get the ESS light and all that other stuff. I even emailed tazer about it.

For me it didn't happen until I re geared. Tire size never caused any issue.

There is a pdf with an apparent fix from fca


Apr 17, 2019
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For your consideration..

The torque converter provides between 2x -3x more torque than a manual at stall.. so this acts as lower gearing.. gear ratio's themselves don't mean as much as the actual force (ft/lbs) be delivered to the wheels. That is where torque converters shine, thus the reason they are used in drag cars and big land moving tractors.

I will look for some charts from Jeep to illustrate..

But I think you can see this in action on youtube lite brite channel. The guy is running 38's and can "slowly" spin all 4 wheels on a solid rocks at just off an idle. While in a manual you need more engine rpm to do the same, thus the wheel speed must be hirer.

With that said.. in real world use that is not really that big of advantage because we all know the 3.6 should be a hemi :)

I hope that helps,

Exactly, the torque converter acts like a temporary gear ratio reducer until you get moving, and sometimes the difference between traction and spinning might be less than 100 RPM. Also factor in trail in the PNW there's lots of steep, muddy, rocky, off-camber hills. Ever try to start off from a dead stop while pitched backwards and sideways on slippery uneven shit with wet boots and pedals? Give me an auto. If I want to row gears all day I'll drive a car or live somewhere like Moab with gobs of constant traction where you can just leave it in one gear and forget about it.

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