Don't count on eTorque/BSG 3.6L noticeably increasing low-end torque


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Dec 20, 2017
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'17 GTI 6MT
None of the RAM eTorque reviews mention any noticeable bump in low end, on either the Hemi or Pentastar. Digging into the numbers a bit, this is what I came up with:

BSG on the Wrangler has a 48V, 430wh lithium NMC-graphite battery. Continuous discharge current on such a small battery can't be much more than 100A (maybe 3x that max discharge for a couple seconds, but that would be for starting the engine only). We know for a fact that BSG only contributes 'torque fill' up to 1500 RPM, so best-case the BSG system will be delivering about 5kW (less than 7HP) at 1500 RPM, or a bit less than 25 ft-lb of torque. That '90 ft-lb' spec that FCA states for the Wrangler BSG system is surely only acting during engine startup. Even at idle RPM it can't be much more than 50 ft-lb.

That ain't nuttin', but it ain't a turbocharger either. Those low-end gains are about on par with what can be gained by adding direct injection (which FCA chose not to do with the Pentastar).

That said, I'm looking forward to BSG for the fuel economy and low-end benefits (especially with the 6MT). But the RAM eTorque reviews plus these calcs definitely temper my enthusiasm.


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