1. First official build sheet for 2021 Jeep Rubicon 392 Xtreme Recon

    This is the first official build sheet released for a 2021 Jeep Rubicon 392 Xtreme Recon. Enjoy! https://www.jeep.com/webselfservice/BuildSheetServlet?vin=1C4JJXSJ1MW805461
  2. Bronco features you would like Jeep to incorporate into Wrangler during JL's mid-cycle redesign

    Everyone keeps saying "competition is good!", which I agree with for the most part. Since we've had a chance to virtually see the new Bronco ad-nausea, what... Features would you want Jeep to INCORPORATE Features would you want Jeep to AVOID I will start: Features to INCORPORATE I am very...
  3. Illinois AFE Momentum 3.6 Air Intake System

    Hey everyone, I am selling my AFE Momentum Air Intake System for the 3.6L taken off a 2019 Moab lease ending with 11,854 miles. It comes with the slightly used oem dry filter and a brand new unopened dry filter. I have had many intakes from different brands in different cars. This system by...
  4. Riding With Rebel - Big Bear Jeep Jamboree - Command Vehicle JL

    Take a ride with Bond and Evan as they lead this years Jeep Jamboree Blue Team up the Gold Mountain trail in Big Bear, California. We're excited to take you along on our new series called Riding With Rebel. You'll get to experience riding along with the Rebel crew on trails from our off road...
  5. New Jersey 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Sahara Unlimited F/S Rocky Ridge Mad Rock Package

    Hi Everyone I'm listing my 2018 Jeep Wrangler Jl Sahara Unlimited for sale. Jeep currently has 27,500 miles in excellent condition. Jeep has been upfitted by Rock Ridge (www.rockyridgetrucks.com). The package that was added on was called the "Mad Rock Package". All exterior modifications...
  6. We shouldn’t be responsible for the first two broken windshields!!!

  7. Import JL/JK Wrangler OR Gladiator to UK

    Hello! I currently live in California with a work visa. I am currently looking into buying a low mileage 2017+ Wrangler or even Gladiator. My main motivation is having a car that is perfect for exploring the great outdoors in California and will hold it's value / be quite unique and...
  8. Big Bear Jeep Jamboree Blue Group Day 2 on John Bull Trail

    Members of Blue Group, led by Bond of Rebel Off Road, make their way to the end of the trail on John Bull during Jeep Jamboree.
  9. New York Sold: Rubicon OEM tire carrier

    Rubicon stock OEM tire carrier for sale $150
  10. Lease 4xe pricing, am i getting jipped?

    Went into a dealership who tried to juggle me around.. but the jeep is everything I want! Online there is a price (about 4K off 55K MSRP), on the phone 2 days before coming in- they told me this offer stands, no stipulations. I get there in person, & then they tell me the discount is not...
  11. Arizona Sold: Set of Four OEM Gladiator Mojave Wheels 17x7.5

    Selling four takeoff wheels from a Gladiator Mojave (1500 miles on the wheels). These are 17x7.5, +37mm offset which gives a nice half inch wider stance over stock JL rims. Mopar #6PJ78TRMAA. $425 + shipping. Shipping is about $50 to $150 depending on your zipcode. I'm in Arizona. Rims are in...
  12. Illinois Sold: UPR Oil Catch Can for 3.6 JL 80$

    Used for 10,000 miles on my wife’s MOAB. Her lease is up so I will be selling. Located in the Chicago suburbs (Naperville) if pickup . Will ship if paid before shipping. Thanks! Photos attached! 80$ plus UPS shipping.
  13. Michigan Sold: Goodyear Wrangler 245/75r17 - $350

    Goodyear Wrangler All-terrain Adventure with Kevlar. Like-new tires. Only 500 miles on them, off new Jeep Gladiator.
  14. Practicing with the Wrangler 4XE and the GoPro Karma

    I took my 4XE to a field and did some driving around while getting some footage with the GoPro Karma.
  15. 23MPG and a look at the screens

    With the battery run down to less than 1%, I took the Wrangler 4XE on a 20 mile drive and managed 23 MPG. I also took a little time in this video to go through some of the screens.
  16. New York 2018-21 Wrangler JL/Gladiator Parts

    Hi JLWranglerForum Members, I’m selling a few things (please PM me if interested) - New Fab Four Full Tube Doors (Front & Back): $2,395 Pulsar Performance Module: $449 ZRoadz Light Pods w/ mount: $99 Like-New Mopar Rubicon Steering Wheel: $249 Like-New Fab Fours JLU Light Rock Sliders (w/...
  17. Rebel Off Road Continental Divide Trip

    I know that these aren't Wranglers in the video but hey, half of the vehicle is, and more importantly this trip could easily be done in a Wrangler. We wanted to inspire you guys to plan your own epic trips and get out and explore! We'll post more episodes as we release them but you can always go...
  18. Texas 2018 JLU Rubicon Sting Gray with lots of mods!

    Hi all! For sale is my 2018 JLU Rubicon in Sting Gray. This is my third Jeep and has been my pride and joy for the last year or so. I was planning on keeping this car for a long time which is why I have invested a lot of money/time/bloodsweatandtears into this car to make it highly capable on...
  19. California Sold: 2020 JLUR Suspension Take-Off-Complete

    The suspension components were taken off my 2020 JLUR and have approx 9k miles on them. $250 Front & Rear Springs Front & Rear Upper & Lower Control Arms Front & Rear Track Bars Sway Bar Links 4 OEM Rubicon Shocks **driveshaft pictured not included in price. I will have separate ads for...