1. Pennsylvania Roof Level Light Bar Mount w/o A Pillar Support

    Has anyone seen a roof-level light bar mount that doesn't have to be attached to a roof rack, and doesn't have a large bracket that runs up the a-pillar? I haven't had any luck looking online and was wondering if anyone had attempted to make one. I wasn't sure if it was possible. Was thinking it...
  2. Air down question for 2021 stock JLU WILLYS SPORT

    Hi I am new to 4x4 and my immediate intent is to cruise local beaches without getting stuck. I am researching and finding that airing down is the number one recommendation. With that in mind, I am running with stock rims and tires, Firestone Destination LT255/75R17 111/108Q. I have installed the...
  3. Custom building a jeep and leasing in the North East area

    Hi all... new to this thread and looking to lease a new 2021 JL Willys unlimited. I've reached out to a few different dealerships and am getting different prices all across the board. I found one dealership which gave me 8.9% off MSRP with the tread lightly affiliate. My question is why do none...
  4. Willys Bumper Options

    Looking for a bumper for my 21 Willys. I plan to upgrade to 34” tires and rubicon springs but not doing a major lift. I am considering just getting the rubicon steel bumper, does anyone know if I also need to replace my skid with the rubicon or other aftermarket skid or can I use mine? What...
  5. Oregon Swap Black Grille for Sting Gray

    Looking to trade my brand new black grille from my 21 Willys for a Sting Gray
  6. 8-Speed Automatic Question

    I just recently purchased my first Jeep JL 4dr Willys. And for the most part absolutely LOVE it. My Gf also purchased a Willys and having driven both through different parts of our community, I notice that mine tends to hold itself in 7th gear longer at 70-80 mph…obviously impacting fuel...
  7. Texas Sold: Trektop NX Premium Soft Top - $950 (Dallas Area)

    This top was purchased new for $1349. Was on my JL Unlimited WIlly for less than 2 months before I removed it and traded in my Wrangler for a Gladiator. Has been stored for 2 months in the garage. All parts are there. Local pickup only. Located in McKinney Tx
  8. Advice on 33's on stock Willys JL wheels

    Hi All, New Jeep Willys owner here, so forgive the noob questions: I have a 2021 Willys which will have a Terraflex 1.5" lift on it soon, with 1.75" wheel spacers. I love the look of the stock Willys wheels and wondering if I can get 33's on them with that setup. 33/12.5-R17? Also, is a 33...
  9. my new jeep

  10. HELP!! 2021 Willys Fender Light / DRL Questions

    Hi, I have a 2021 Willys JLU, which came with LED headlights with DRL halos and the LED Fog lights. I wanted to upgrade the lights in the fenders to be LEDs and to work as DRLs. I opened up my fenders and was surprised to find one orange bulb. I called Oracle Lighting and they were convinced...
  11. Texas Sold: Mopar OEM LED Headlights (DFW area)

    OEM LED headlights pulled from 2020 JT. Picked them up thinking I wanted to swap out Oracle Oculus I have installed. Decided to keep Oracles. full disclosure. One light has some light scuffs (see pic). $580 $560 shipped. PM if you have any questions. Thanks Rick
  12. Massachusetts WTB MOAB/Willys Take Offs

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a set of Take off's from a Willys or MOAB edition Wrangler. I am located in western Massachusetts and willing to drive to pick up in the New England Area. Thanks!
  13. High tuck exhaust for 2021 JLU Willys?

    Am I missing something or does NO ONE make a high tuck off road exhaust for the 2021 JLU 3.6L Willys?!? I recently purchased the Borla Climber 140828 high tuck and what I found out, after taking off the OEM exhaust, is it won’t fit and is too big. Super frustrating considering their website...
  14. Electronics problems?

    So we just bought our Wrangler UL Willys last month. Has about 1100 miles on it so far. Yesterday the lines in the backup camera disappeared. A couple days ago, as we were driving, the dash suddenly displayed 'Key FOB has left the vehicle'. Of course it was in my pocket. And is there any way to...
  15. Maryland Sold: (4) 2020 JLU Willys 17” Wheels/Tires

    FS: Stock Moab black wheels and 255/75 17 Firestone Destination tires mounted NO TPMS from a 2020 Willys. Set of 4 with less than 5K miles ... like new. In the DC/MD area. Looking for $1000 OBO.
  16. California Sold: 2020 JLUR Suspension Take-Off-Complete

    The suspension components were taken off my 2020 JLUR and have approx 9k miles on them. $250 Front & Rear Springs Front & Rear Upper & Lower Control Arms Front & Rear Track Bars Sway Bar Links 4 OEM Rubicon Shocks **driveshaft pictured not included in price. I will have separate ads for...
  17. 1 Year in the Making… 2020 JLU Willy’s

    Last January, I started on a new adventure after someone decided to run a stop sign and crash into my Kia Soul. I was so in shock that I convinced myself that any car would be acceptable just to get myself back on the road. I went to CarMax and bought myself a Jeep Compass. Then I realized I had...
  18. 2021 Willys 4 Door...New Here And Need Help 🤣😅

    Hello everyone. I am kind of hesistant to post this message because I’m thinking maybe it’s been talked about to death already but....here goes! Just purchased my first Jeep...2021 Wrangler Unlimited Willys 4 Door Sport. Coming from a 2015 Nissan Altima, I’m used to the automatic locks, alarms...

    Hi all, got my gf a 2021 Sport 2 door and looking for Willys or High Altitude wheels and tires. Any help? NY here
  20. First time Jeep owner - 2020 Willys Sport Unlimited

    I have owned my new 2020 Willys Sport Unlimited for two months, and I love it. It’s my first Jeep. What should I be aware of, what should I add... She is red with the V-6, 6-speed manual, and 3-piece hardtop.