throttle controller

  1. iDrive Mounting Locations

    I found a good spot to mount your iDrive / throttle controller. For mine, the little plastic trim comes right off the shifter housing and the small area under the e-brake is the perfect size. I drilled a small hole, added a rubber grommet, and then secured the wires with zip ties. There is a...
  2. Service Electronic Throttle Control Resolutions

    I’ve looked through the forums about Service Electronic Throttle Control but haven’t really seen what is being done to resolve these issues, can anyone shed some light on what the dealers are doing to fix the problem and if they are recurring? I’ve had my JLUR ecoDiesel for less than 24 hours...
  3. iDrive throttle controller, wifes reaction

    Just installed the idrive throttle controller and recorded my wifes reaction. She loves it to say the least. Check it out
  4. iDrive Throttle Controller Install & Review Video

    I recently installed the iDrive Throttle Controller in the MojitoJeep and took the time to do an install video and review. The install was fairly easy, but I did have a little trouble figuring out how the gas pedal plug disconnected. Check out my video here: