1. Ordering a JL today... resale value?

    I'm looking at ordering either a sport or sport s today. I've decided that I can live without heated seats and will eventually add remote start aftermarket. Will ordering a regular sport lead to a much less resale value though? Or on the other hand, will I get less resale from getting all of the...
  2. Texas LED headlights (OEM)

    OEM LED headlights. Perfect shape. All tabs perfect. $650 shipped PM if you have any questions. Thanks Rick
  3. Imagine needing to make an entire video to find if the Jeep Renegade is a true Jeep

    "Is The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport A True Bronco?" Then goes to show the vehicle struggling when driving down a dirt road. So to answer the question, no, I certainly hope not!
  4. New York New JL and JT Rigid A-Pillar Light Mount

    Rigid Industries A-Pillar light mount for Jeep JL/JT Awesome quality, powder coated and no worries about rust with these and staining your paint like the cheap stuff. Asking for $89 vs. $132 retail or $99 shipped. Local pick up or delivery available 20 miles of NYC/LI for $99.
  5. Texas Mopar OEM LED Headlights (DFW area)

    OEM LED headlights pulled from 2020 JT. Picked them up thinking I wanted to swap out Oracle Oculus I have installed. Decided to keep Oracles. full disclosure. One light has some light scuffs (see pic). $580 $560 shipped. PM if you have any questions. Thanks Rick
  6. Wrangler 4Xe Sport model

    I contacted Jeep today and asked about this. I read a couple months back that all Wrangler models were supposed to come in a 4Xe hybrid. however we are seeing just the Sahara and Rubicon trims available. Personally, I hate filling up my jeeps, but don’t need these higher cost trims. Jeeps...
  7. California 2020 JLUR Suspension Take-Off-Complete

    The suspension components were taken off my 2020 JLUR and have approx 9k miles on them. $250 Front & Rear Springs Front & Rear Upper & Lower Control Arms Front & Rear Track Bars Sway Bar Links 4 OEM Rubicon Shocks **driveshaft pictured not included in price. I will have separate ads for...
  8. Connecticut JL sport front bumper

    Plastic front bumper off of a 2020 wrangler sport. Comes with the stock halogen fog housings. ( i replaced the halogen bulbs with fog bulbs ). On the jeep for 6000 milea and in like new shape. Pick up only. 100$ obo. also comes with all the splash guard and all hardware.
  9. Louisiana JL Rock Rails

    JLU Stock Rock Rail takeoffs for sale! Just over 4000 miles on them. Practically Brand new! Never been offroad! $220 plus shipping
  10. Texas Top Lift Pro

    I purchased this Top Lift Pro about 6 months ago. Have since sold my JL. Its basically brand new sitting in my garage. Asking $800 but you have to come pick it up. Won't ship because of its size and weight.
  11. Black Rhino Armory Wheels - Lug Torque Specs?

    Anyone with Black Rhino Armory wheels who rotates their own tires - I would really appreciate your input here. (I have a 2020 2-Door Sport, 17” wheels) Maybe my Googling skills need work or something, but I can’t find any solid info on what I should torque my lug nuts to. I checked the...
  12. North Carolina Bumpers, Headlights, Fog lights

    Jeep JL Mopar Halogen Headlights - $50 Jeep JL Mopar Front Plastic Bumper with Plastic Skid Plate, tow hooks and halogen fog lights - $150 All brackets, etc., included Came off 2018 Jeep JL Sport S
  13. Arizona Stock halogen headlights & foglights

    Halogen headlights and foglights removed from 2018 JLU Sport. $50 for headlights, $50 for foglights, or $80 for both. Located in Tucson, Az. Will consider shipping on your dime.
  14. Our First Snow Day

    First time on the snow in a Wrangler and I am very impressed. Kind of wish I got Selec-Trac though. I can see it getting annoying shifting to 2WD every time you have to turn on a dry patch of pavement. It's actually perfect for city roads, because we'll have snow covered roads every other block...
  15. North Carolina NEW PRICE! Set of 4 Fuel Hardline (Red) with Kanati Trail Hog A/T 37s (less than 1000 miles)

    Dealer installed these on my JTR, not really my jam so I'm moving to beadlocks and 38 inch Pats. 37x12.50R20 I THINK these are 20x10 -18, but I can't prove it. These are essentially brand new. Good looking wheels and look spot on with a Red/Black Rubicon decal. If you're not familiar with the...
  16. Tennessee Set of 5 Rubicon Take Off Wheels with Lug Nuts & Mopar Locks Included

    Selling a set of 5 Rubicon Take Off wheels (17x7.5) will all the lug nuts and Mopar lock nut set included. Like new condition, not a scratch on any of the wheels. They came with my 2019 JLU Moab and I purchased aftermarket wheels so I have no use for them anymore. Asking price is $500 for...
  17. Found JL Sport Fender LED option

    I think I may have found an option for JL Sport fenders that hasn’t been posted here. The brand is A&Utv on Amazon and it’s not too expensive. It claims to be plug and play with sequential turn signals and a DRL. I bought them to try them out and if they don’t work, Amazon has free returns. I...
  18. POLL: What is your favorite color on the Jeep Wrangler (2021 Model Year)

    There are a lot of colors so let's see what is the most popular and favorite on this forum! Here are the colors: POLL OPEN FOR A WHILE.
  19. Georgia Silver Dash Panels

    Replaced my wife’s Sport S dash panels with Rubicon panels, so have the silver panels for sale. Perfect shape, took off with less than 1k miles. Looking for $150 + shipping. PM me if interested.
  20. New York B&M Racing Billet Extended Transfer Case Handle - for JL/JLU/JT (Wrangler/Gladiator)

    B&M Racing Billet Extended Transfer Case Handle - for JL/JLU/JT (Wrangler/Gladiator) I had this for about a year and it was used inside my rig on daily basis. All six B&M Racing Billet Extended Transfer Case Handle - for JL/JLU/JT (Wrangler/Gladiator) are in a excellent condition. For more...