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  1. Arizona Soft top windows for JLU $350 OBO

    Just the windows. Living in Arizona, it’s starting to get 100+ degrees outside. I bought a set of tinted windows for my JLU sport’s soft top, and I’m selling my old ones now that I’m not using them anymore. Zero physical damage to the windows. These are the original windows I had. They fit any...
  2. Wind rating?

    I’ve got a new 2019 Wrangler JL Sahara 4 door soft top. Anyone know what wind speed rating the removable side windows are rated for? I had a back piece pop off in a huge wind gust already but I’m sure it was partly user install error.
  3. Premium JLU soft top rear window slight sag at bottom

    Need some opinions, my rear window has a slight sag at the bottom. Not sure if I've missed an area to tighten it up or if that is as good as it gets. Both side windows are perfect and look as expected. I've taken a couple pictures which don't really do it justice, but they're there. I...
  4. Soft Top Lovers Club- Tips and Tricks

    Hey, guys please delete if there is a similar thread already. I got the soft top with the intention of getting a fastback hard top. But now I'm not too sure if I want to. Well actually I'm still getting the hard top but I'm really loving how easy it is to use the soft top. I don't have any tips...
  5. 2019 Rubicon soft top windows permanently streaked

    Hi to everyone. 1st time Jeep owner here, I purchased a new 2019 Rubicon with soft top. Picked her up from the dealer at night and did not notice the plastic windows had permanent streaks. I contacted the dealer and still waiting for a response. The streaks looked like soap residue but after...
  6. MOPAR soft top window storage bag review

    I’m reposting my review from the 2dr thread so that it comes up in searches. Original, in case you want to see any answered questions that came up there: P#68358392AB I...
  7. Soft top window storage bag

    In case anyone is interested, this is what the soft top window storage bag looks like with the windows stored in it. You have to remove the bar from the bottom of the rear window to put the window in the bag. I just put the bar back where it goes by the tailgate.