1. Spare tire activates back up sensors

    Hello all. I have a ‘18 Sahara. Had an issue with my rear drivers side back up sensors where it activates with nothing behind me. Dealership said it was because of my after market tires (which are KO 33.5” take offs from by last JK). The dealership replaced the sensors anyway. Sure enough, took...
  2. ParkSense parking sensor issue

    2020 JLUR stock wheels and tires. When in reverse on flat area with nothing behind me I get an immediate warning from the ParkSense parking sensor system. It shows the center red line. This is a stock Rubicon Unlimited with plastic rear bumper and factory wheels and tires. I've wiped clean the...
  3. Seat cooler?

    Just noticed this weird looking peice under my seat while digging for dropped change, been questioning its function, maybe something with pressurized detection for the airbag system? It seems to be running through a sensor so that would make sense too but I’m at a loss...(also it’s not the...
  4. PREVIEW: JL Patriot Series Rear Bumper With Tire Carrier

    The strongest and most premium Patriot Series rear bumper with tire carrier we've ever built is just about ready! You'll see it on the website very soon. RH-90301 - Steel Rear with Tire Carrier $1,399.95 RH-90300 - Steer Rear, non Tire Carrier $799.95 RH-90340 - Aluminum Rear, non Tire Carrier...
  5. Five (5) JLUR tackoffs with sensors (Oxford MI)

    These wheels and tires have 6 miles on them and are ready to be installed. Perfect contrition no issues. $1,250 for all five. Thanks.
  6. LED Tail Lights- Do All have Blind- Spot Sensor Inside?

    Not sure if anyone has torn the tail lights apart of not yet, but I know that the blind spot sensors are located there when equipped, but does anyone know if they are there when you have LED taillights and no safety package?