1. British Car Reviewer doesn't understand removable doors and center window switches

    And then goes to insult people's wits when people explain to him it's because of removable doors. With other comments following calling out Jeepers "morons". Apparently they don't use their own "wits" to realize that it’s designed so not all doors necessarily needed to be removed at the same...
  2. 2020 - JL Wrangler Reviews & First impressions?

    I see there are a many who now have their 2020 JL's & JLU's. Some might even be showing up at dealer lots by now. Looking forward to hearing your first impression and thoughts on your new 2020's. Please note if its a JL or JLU and which engine / trans option. *Build quality *Steering feel...
  3. Trigger Six Shooter Jeep JL Kit - Install & Review

    New upgrade for the Jeep JLUR! Trigger Switches. What do you all think of them, what switches do you all use, other than the Mopar factory switches?
  4. CoolTech Jeep JL Cowl Light Mounts

    New Design from @CoolTech for the Jeep JL. Cowl Light Mounts!!! What do you all think of them?
  5. New 4Runner TRD Pro vs JL Rubicon Face Off Comparison Review

    TLDR -- skip to 13:40 -- this is EXACTLY how I would describe why I have a JL to someone who is not a "Jeep" person. Overall I thought this was a really well-done review and entertaining to watch. I really like these guys & their other reviews as well. Thought I would share here.
  6. 2018 Jeep JLUR First Drive and Review

    Here are my thoughts on the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (JL). What are your impressions, and why? By Steve Garrett Unless you've been living under a rock, or are new to the Jeep world, you've heard about the newest Jeep...