Hi everyone, I recently turned in my lease on my 2018 jeep JL four-door sport unlimited. But I could not turn it in with the additional accessories that I had put on it. I’m putting up these following items for sale if anyone is interested. There are some custom items on here, all items are in...
  2. Texas Sold: Sold


    When I’m out and about I like to bring all the things. Here is how I do it. Let me know if you have any questions, post any ideas you may have.
  4. Interior Rear Storage Rack Install

    Bought this cheap made-in-China rear cargo basket from Amazon for install. Seemed like an easy install. Had high hopes, what could go wrong right? Arrived well packed and in good conditions, holes seemed to be drilled...
  5. California Sold: Brand-new: MOTOBILT Crusher rear bumper (incl. light mounts & spare tire cut out) - $479

    FOR SALE: Brand-new: MOTOBULT JL REAR CRUSHER BUMPER (+LIGHT MOUNTS +SPARE TIRE CUTOUT) Asking: $499 (Flack Friday 2020 deal, MSRP $599) Wrong / double order, delivered Dec 15th 2020. Unpainted. Pickup only in Los Angeles / Calabasas, CA. Disclaimer: Wrangler photos taken from the JL...
  6. Which Rear Bumper?

    Why are there so many. :) 21 JLUR that will have 35s soon. I have the stock plastic rear bumper. Main purpose is exploring and camping but I’m in AZ so we got rocks to crawl too. Want a rear bumper with tire carrier. I guess I could do a separate bumper and carrier as well. Much thanks.
  7. Virginia Rubicon plastic bumper

    Like new plastic rear bumper off of a 2018 Wrangler JL Rubicon. Asking for $120. Local pickup only.
  8. How to check if LSD is working properly?

    Anyone with working LSD can check if rear tires will spin in the same or opposite direction when jacked up? Mine comes with LSD but appears to be spinning in the opposite direction. (Suggesting open diff or due to lack of load?)
  9. California 2019 JLU Rubicon parts for sale - Pickup only, near Los Angeles.

    From my 2019 Rubicon JLU, the following parts are for sale: - FRONT BUMPER w/ skid plate, stock (plastic, damage left), incl. stock LED FOG LIGHTS! (MRSP: $295): $150 - REAR BUMPER, stock (plastic, like new), no sensors, but with holes: $120 - FRONT LEFT FENDER (plastic, good condition) incl...
  10. Use adjustable front sway bar links for rear? 1.5" lift

    I'm planning to lift my Jeep furthermore by about 1.5" from previous Rubicon suspension swap. I'm using JKS (0-1.5") quicker disconnect in the front. But would like perhaps longer/adjustable links in the rear as well, (do not need disconnect). Since nobody makes adjustable rear sway bar links...
  11. How to remove net pockets in rear?

    my dog had an accident on a recent road trip and i was wondering if there is a way to remove the net pockets in the back seat area so i can wash one of them? it looks like the panel surrounding the edge of the netting pops off but i don't want to take a chance at it and end up breaking something...
  12. Texas Rubicon steel rear bumper w/ sensors

    Rubicon steel rear bumper w/ all mounting hardware. There are a couple of scratches. One on the underside and one tiny one on the passenger corner, both could be touched up. No dents. $200
  13. Innovative JK Products JLU Rear Seat Recline Kit

    The comfort of the rear seat of a JKU/JLU leaves a lot to be desired. We've sold hundreds of Rear Seat Recline Kits and customers unanimously agree it's one of the cheapest upgrades that made a big difference for their passengers. Learn More:
  14. TJ vs JL Rear Springs

    I was wondering if TJ rear coil spacers will fit on the rear coils of a JL? I see company’s like @Rock Krawler Suspension using their rear TJ coils on the rear of their JL lifts so I figured it would work. Anyone with any real world experience using TJ coils or spacers on a JL? The main...
  15. Rubicon REAR LED Signal Lights not working

    Hi everyone, i’ve installed the Rubicon/Sahara REAR LED lights and everything seems to work fine, brakes and reverse are also fine, but the signal lights are not. What i’ve noticed that US Specs are different than Gulf Specs with wiring. Can anyone help?
  16. 2 Door rear storage box

    So I’ve been in search of a rear storage toolbox or tote for behind the seat of my 2 door wrangler. Finally found what I was looking for and it works great for storing tools, jumpers, 12v air compressors or any other small loose items you may not want floating around in the cab. Picked it up for...
  17. Backup camera green screen, not working sometimes

    Does anyone else get a green screen or partial screen or a screen where the colors are off when backing up? It happens about 1 out of 5 times I back up and I can't figure out a pattern of how to fix it or keep it from happening. When I had my oil changed in June I brought it up to the tech and...