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  1. Maybe leave this badge off your Jeep

    At this point it seems questionable as to whether or not this badge belongs on my Jeep: I have a 2021 JLUR Ecodiesel. I wanted a functional lift for better breakover angle and to fit 35s. I have had many many problems with my previous JL and wanted to add a lift without any warranty...
  2. How does my pair look?

    …my springs that is. Diesel Mopar Lift, dealer installed. Looks like they did a great job. Springs are installed on the correct wheels, so are the perches. This just looks funny to me, bowing in and then out. Very little clearance to the bump stop on the outside and the frame on the inside...
  3. Ocean blue with 37s

    37x13.5x20. Fuel rims 488 gears mopar lift. Drives great
  4. Positive Offset Wheels with Rubicon Axles

    There are a couple threads on this already but without clear answers. My JLR (2 door) has 315/70R17 KO2s on 17x8.5” XD Recon Wheels with +18mm offset (5.46” backspace, about 0.5” less than stock rubi). I went with a positive offset wheel so that the tires would not poke as much. They still...
  5. Stock Rubicon vs 2" Mopar lift

    Can anyone clarify if the 2" Mopar lift actually adds any extra height to the stock Rubicon? Is it worth installing it? I can't find anywhere any before and after pictures for Rubicon. I know the lift actually changes the Sport models, but a stock Rubicon already comes with stiffer springs that...
  6. Beware of Dealers

    I was looking at the curvature of my springs from the Mopar 2" lift. I noticed BOTH front springs had the same part #, then I looked at the rear. Not only did I have 2 right front springs, but the rears were put on the wrong side..."BY the Dealer". So I scheduled my free oil change today to...
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