1. Lug Nuts for Fuel Covert Wheels?

    I'm embarrassed to ask such a NEWB question, but what lug nuts work for aftermarket wheels like the Fuel Coverts I just bought? I put them on with Gorilla 96644BDX lock nuts, but the lugs seem way too snug. I'm hoping I didn't bollox up the wheels.
  2. Tire Lug Rumble!

    You know that rumble from M/T’s that you hear and feel at very low speed? Many don’t like it, but I love it. Which are your favorite tires for making that rumble? I’m looking to replace my KO2s that have no such charm.
  3. Anti-theft Lug Nuts.... Not so Great

    These locking lug nuts came straight from the dealer. Bottom 4 tires had one style, spare tire had another. We took our JLU to our tire place to upgrade the tires, they had no problem removing all 5 wheels and reinstalling. When I went to remove the spare last weekend, I had no key. Took Hoss...